What kind of Work and Scene Lighting are you looking for?

Work and Scene Lighting

ETD is not just about Emergency Vehicle Lighting. Our work lights are perfect for emergency scene lighting, agriculture lighting, construction site illumination, and as additional lights for ordinary motorists. LED work and scene lights are designed to brighten up an area to complete an activity or task. These specialty lights are versatile and made to install easily on emergency vehicles, civilian cars or trucks, roof racks, heavy machinery, construction equipment, ATV cages and more. What do YOU need to light up? Take a look at our products, ETD has just what you’re looking for.

LED Work and Scene Lighting for ATVs, Trucks, and Utility Vehicles for Any Application

We offer lighting options that can be mounted high or low on a vehicle and most use Generation IV 3-watt LED technology for the best light output possible. Mount them on grilles, roofs, bumpers, or even roof racks. Choose from round or square units, varying LED wattages, and either spot lights or floodlights. ETD has exactly what you are looking for to outfit your rig efficiently. Stay safe at work, use one of ETD’s superior lights for the job.

High Intensity LEDs in these lights ensure thousands of hours of use while their rugged, protective construction allows them to be mounted anywhere. Our line of LED Work and Scene Lighting is powerful enough to light up almost any work environment or emergency scene.

We Stand Behind Our Work and Scene Lighting

One thing is for sure, no matter which of our impact scene lights your choose for your vehicle or machinery, we stand behind it. Because we sell great lights at low prices, our many customers are very, very satisfied, but if there is ever a problem with something you’ve bought from us, don’t hesitate to let us know. Our customer service team is ready to help and to sort it out!