What kind of Full Size Light Bars are you looking for?

Full Size Light Bars

Full Size LED Light Bars

Cover the top of your police car or truck with over 60, 70, 80 watts of eye squinting, ultra-bright, LED light that pulsate from full size light bars that are 40” to 48” in length. They are powerful, versatile, and 100% waterproof.

Full Size LED Light Bar for Personal or Emergency Vehicles

Our emergency vehicle lights are made of heavy-gauge aluminum completely sealed with industrial grade epoxy. You have the choice of TIR or Linear 1 lenses, both constructed of shatterproof polycarbonate that won’t fog up or yellow. The sleek aerodynamic designs accommodate efficient airflow with virtually no drag on the system. Some light bar models come with cigarette lighter power plugins; others have control boxes and are hardwired. Gutter brackets are included for permanent mounting. You pick the solid or split color combinations of the most popular emergency vehicle light colors including red, blue, white, amber, and green. There are 15 or 30 flash pattern options, all come standard with pattern memory.

Why Choose a Full Size Light Bar?

Our Full Size light bars have takedown and alley lights, are traffic advisors, and have 360° visibility! They are powerful performers that come with Generation III 1-watt or Generation IV 3-watt LEDs; some light bars have a combination of both LED wattages for even more luminosity. Shorter, less bright light bars could serve you well, but if you need a whole lot of bright, high-intensity light that is a pulsating beacon on the darkest, rainy nights, then a full size bar is your only choice.

We Stand Behind Our Products

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