LED Strobe Lights Buying Guide

Strobe lights are an essential resource for workers in virtually all aspects of the services. Those devices can create a range of flashing light patterns, providing a host of functions suited to various scenarios. They subsequently play a central role for the interactions with colleagues and members of the public.

Before ordering strobe lights, you need to ensure that the devices are right for your specific service needs. LED Strobe light technology has evolved at a rapid rate over the years, with various types now available. Here at Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we are proud to offer one of the largest selections of strobe lighting systems for service workers. We also offer devices for drivers of other vehicles.

Whatever your strobe lights needs may be, we almost certainly have the right solution.

Strobe Lights Infographic

Deck and dash LED lighting systems are ideal for a range of emergency vehicles. They are designed to sit inside the vehicle and can be connected to the front, back, or side windows. This allows you to alert other drivers and road users from all directions.

Our LED deck and dash lights are easy to install and can be quickly mounted or dismounted with suction cups. With several settings, their versatility is second to none. Whether it’s a 4 TIR option or a 16 TIR device, the LEDs are sure to provide strong output to ensure your emergency vehicle stands out from the crowd.

Most devices in this range utilize either 1 Watt or 3 Watt LEDs and can last up to 100,000 hours. For anyone wanting a pop-on solution rather than a permanent LED display, these deck lights are ideal. With options ranging from 6” to 40”, finding a suitable option is easy.

Visor Lights

Visor lights are most commonly used for undercover vehicles due to the fact that they are easily hidden. Given their strong output and ability to produce various patterns and colors, they have become popular for all situations.

The high-quality visor lights can provide white, amber, red, blue, and green light. Products which utilize the Shield of Light technology offer an extra benefit for undercover officers. The range of visor lights is available in various outputs, going up to 90 Watts. The products are built with long-term usage in mind too.

Installing visor lights is very easy thanks to the use of the included straps and mounts. Furthermore, they utilize the cigarette lighter as a power source. For instant strobe lighting during an undercover job, a visor light suited to your vehicle size is the ultimate solution.

Grille and Surface Lights

When you need a conspicuous lighting option for undercover work, grille and surface lights are another great option. Their compact design and easy installation make them a perfect tool when short bursts of strobe lights are required.

Furthermore, our wide range of varying shapes, sizes, and color patterns puts you in full control. Surface lights are wired, meaning they can work in unison or alternate with a current light and siren setup. They can be mounted to various locations including fog light niches, grilles and roof racks. For a big output that won’t give you away when not in use, grille lights are ideal.

The LEDs are built to provide years of service too, offering great value for money. For most vehicles, these devices are best used in pairs. With so many options available, many of which use conspicuous housing, staying undercover until needed is simple.surface-mount-hideaway-info.png

Hideaway Strobes

Hideaway strobes are defined as such because that’s exactly what they do. They hide away under headlights and tail lights, making them completely unnoticeable until they kick into life. This makes them particularly ideal vehicle additions for volunteer officers and fire personnel.

Despite their compact designs, the hideaway strobes are very powerful. Once switched on, the high levels of output ensure that the vehicle stands out. Whether using a kit that provides a white light or a colored light doesn’t matter. These lights are ideal for the job while the fact that they can be switched on and off at the touch of a button is a winning factor.

Making a vehicle feel versatile enough to satisfy personal jobs as well as the volunteer service work has never been easier. Meanwhile, knowing that the are will stay unnoticed once it’s in citizen mode ensures that you’ll be destined for intense ease and comfort.

Traffic Advisors

Police officers and emergency vehicle owners often find themselves needing to divert traffic. LED Strobe lights are the best way to achieve this goal, especially when the daylight isn’t good. Traffic advisor lights are therefore considered an essential resource in those situations.

Traffic advisors may tell other vehicles to go left, right or slow down. Whether using a solid color or multiple colors, these patterns are vital for moving the traffic on and keeping theroads safer. With devices ranging from 17” to 35”, there’s an option suited to all vehicle types and sizes as well as roadside situations.

With power ranging from 16 Watt to 48 Watt, there is no traffic diversion task that can’t be handled with care. Suction cups are used to fix them to the front of back of a vehicle. All products are built to last for years, as is underlined by the 5-year standard warranty.

Interior Strobe Light Bars

For many workers in these sectors, the ability to turn a standard vehicle into an emergency one in super quick time is essential. Interior light bars are the ideal solution to make this happen. This is highly beneficial for anyone working on volunteer emergency projects.

Our range is available in an array of options. From the 9” 24 Watt strobes to the 39” 144 Watt, all vehicle types can benefit from these versatile LEDs. They can be easily mounted to the dash in a matter of minutes, and provide years of service for the vehicle. They are powered from the cigarette lighter while all devices are blessed with long cords to let you place them wherever they’re needed.

The light bars are additionally designed with a swivel action in mind, taking their versatility to an even greater level. With up to 30 flashing light patterns, this type of strobe light is perfect for alerting nearby users to a host of situations.


light-bars-compare-info-graphic.pngMini Strobe Light Bars

Mini LED light bars can be as small as 9” in size, but that doesn’t stop them packing a punch. They are classic lights that can be quickly fixed to the roof of your vehicle, offering 360-degree coverage to alert road users. They are commonly used by undercover and volunteer police offers.

The mini light bars are plugged into the vehicle's cigarette lighter port and then sit 3” above the car’s roof. They provide a 360-degree coverage and can produce several light patterns and color schemes. Furthermore, different models provide unique features too. For a quick and easy transition, they’re brilliant. Not least thanks to their durable nature.

Their general purpose and function aren’t that different to the full size models. However, their added practicality can make a telling impact. If the vehicle is going to switch from police mode to lifestyle mode, the mini light bars are a great option.

Full Size Strobe Light Bars

With a full size light bar, you can cover the entire width of your car’s roof for 360-degree coverage. The range of models boast alley lights, takedowns, and can even include traffic advisors. They utilize both 1 Watt and 3 Watt LEDs for optimum power and impact too.

Depending on the exact model, you can embrace between 15 and 30 different light patterns including varying color schemes. With a choice of 40” or 48” products available, they are great for cars and trucks alike. Not least because they immediately turn the vehicle into a police asset built for a host of related assignments.

The Extreme Tactical Dynamics range is manufactured using heavy duty aluminium. Items are sealed with industry standard epoxy. This ensures long-lasting quality.

Emergency Light Bundles

When you wish to turn your car or truck into an emergency services vehicle, there are many factors to consider. Above all else, it needs to be ready for all potential situations. With an emergency light bundle pack, the power of light is truly in your hands.

Our carefully selected packages include devices that are all designed with compatibility in mind. These bundles include interior features such as visors and external ones like light bars. By utilizing a combination of the two, covering all the bases becomes easier than ever. Aside from being a practical approach, it can generate a discount.

Those bundles can be created for fire trucks and police vehicles. Likewise, the choice between permanent features and temporary lighting is entirely down to you. Either way, for 360-degree coverage in every possible situation, emergency light bundles will serve you well.

Bulk Surface Mount

Many drivers kitting out their vehicles with undercover surface mounts will find that they need several items. Even with the intense output, a single lighting pack only brings limited results. Our grille lighting packs are available in 2s, 4s, 6s, and 10s.

In addition to being a great way to save money, it’ll ensure that all surface mounts match and are compatible with each other. When positioned efficiently, your vehicle will gain far greater illumination from all directions. Or if you’re planning to upgrade two vehicles, a multi pack of surface lights encourages familiarity in all situations.

Individual products can be as small as 6”, so even a bulk package offers versatility and the potential to stay conspicuous. For cars, trucks and SUVs alike, this is a great starting point for an overnight transformation.

Dash Light Multi Packs

Dash lights are undoubtedly one of the most popular strobe lights featured on the market. They can be used for a wide range of vehicle and activities. But, what’s better than having one dash light for alerting other road users? Try having several.

Our multi packs are available in 2s, 3s, and 5s. Whichever option you take, it can be an ideal way to gain the strobe effects in the front, back, and side of the vehicle. Alternatively, you could use the bundle to kit out several vehicles at once. Whether splitting the costs with a friend or focusing on your personal inventory of vehicles, this can only be good news.

Each item in the bundle will carry the same high quality and warranties as individual items. The concept of the package deals is to make life easier (and cheaper) for service people.