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Emergency Strobe Lights

While emergency strobe lights are usually associated with police and first responders, they are also exceptionally useful for private individuals who travel a lot or must travel with children frequently. In the event of a mechanical breakdown or minor accident, a strobe light bar can provide additional visibility for other vehicles on the road and help to prevent additional damage or injury to you and your passengers. By illuminating and drawing attention to the area where your vehicle is located, LED strobe lights provide extra protection for you, your family, and your automobile or truck. This can help to ensure your safety and provide peace of mind in the event of an accident or breakdown on the road. The small amount you invest in an emergency strobe light will ensure that your vehicle is clearly visible even in inclement weather or on dark nights.

Strobe LightsPersonal LED strobe warning lights range from small battery-operated units to high-end strobe bars designed to be visible from atop or inside a vehicle; some are specifically manufactured to be installed permanently on top of your car or truck. In most cases, permanent strobe light fixtures are more suitable for emergency vehicles or towing service trucks, but some truck owners prefer the convenience of a permanently installed emergency strobe bar that can be activated in case of an emergency or to alert other vehicles of unsafe conditions. Strobe light bars that run on batteries or can be connected to another power source are typically a more practical choice for general use. Removable strobe light kits typically include an adapter to allow the strobe to draw power from the car’s cigarette lighter or other power point; this provides a ready source of power for these versatile and useful lights. They can be stored in the trunk until they are needed and replaced there when not in use.

Strobe LightsPortable LED dash strobe lights offer more visibility and protection than road flares, traffic cones, or the small alert lights sometimes included with road safety kits. Because they can be powered by the vehicle’s battery or by portable batteries, they typically offer more consistent light and alerting power than other forms of traffic warnings. LED strobe light bars can be designed to display multi-directional arrows, allowing you to direct traffic around your vehicle or other hazard with greater precision. Many of the LED strobe lights sold by Extreme Tactical Dynamics are suitable for use in personal vehicles as an added safety measure for you and your family.