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Delaware Emergency Vehicle Light State Statutes

delaware Emergency vehicle lights in Delaware are defined by state statute 4106. Under this statute, fire department vehicles, police department vehicles, and vehicles used by the forestry department are considered emergency vehicles. Additionally, other vehicles can be authorized as emergency vehicles by federal, state, or local agencies.

Delaware Police Use Red Emergency Lights

Under Delaware state statute 14-96q(b) police in the state are required to use red emergency lights. This state statute extends to all police vehicles including rigs and cruisers.

Flashing Red Lights are Used by Delaware Ambulances

Delaware state statute 14-96q.9(c)(5)(E) requires all ambulances in the state to use red flashing lights.

delaware-state-flgAmbulances in Delaware Must Use Flashing Red Lights

According to the Delaware state statutes 14-96q.9(c)(5)(E), ambulances in Delaware must be equipped with red flashing emergency LED lights.

Delaware Tow Trucks and Wreckers are Permitted to Use Yellow/Amber Warning Lights

Under Delaware state statute 14-96q(C)(4)(A), tow truck and wrecker drivers are permitted to use yellow/amber warning lights on their vehicles.

For more information about what lights may be available to you, we suggest calling your State Highway Patrol office at: 302-739-5901

*Please note that these numbers are what we are currently able to find and the numbers may have changed since this listing.