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Louisiana Emergency Vehicle Light State Statutes

louisiana Before buying and installing emergency vehicle lights for use in Louisiana, it is important to consult emergency vehicle light state statutes. To make researching this information easier, we have gathered important information with links to formal sources.

Louisiana’s Definition of an Emergency Vehicle

Louisiana state statute 32:01.10 defines an emergency vehicle as any vehicle used by police, fire, volunteer firefighters, EMS, or medical response. Bicycles used by Louisiana first responder departments are also covered as emergency vehicles.

Louisiana Police May Use Blue, Red, or Blue/Red Emergency Lights

In Louisiana, police have emergency vehicle light color options under state statute 32:318(C) or (F). Under this statute, police in Louisiana may use two red, alternately flashing lights. The red lights may be used on the rear or front of police vehicles. If police do not want to install two red lights, they can opt to install one large revolving red light. Police also have the option to use blue lights, if they choose.

Louisiana Ambulances are Required to Use Rear Blue Lights

louisiana-state-flagLouisiana state statute 32:318(H) requires ambulances to use to rear blue lights on the rear of the rig. This emergency light state statute applies to both publicly and privately owned ambulances.

Louisiana Fire Trucks are Required to Use Red and White Split Combination Lights

In Louisiana, fire trucks are required to use red and white split combination lights under state statute 32:318(C)(H). This statute requires that the red/white split lights must be on the roof of a fire truck and must be encased in a clear dome.

Louisiana has Strict Pilot Car Lighting Requirements

According to Louisiana state regulations, all pilot cars must use an amber warning light that is designated as an emergency warning lamp. Furthermore, the light must provide 360-degrees of coverage. Examples of lighting that meets these requirements include light bars, strobe lights, revolving or stationary lamps.  If a domed light is used, it must have at least a 9" len and be 4" tall.

For more information about what lights may be available to you, we suggest calling your State Highway Patrol office at: 225-925-6006

*Please note that these numbers are what we are currently able to find and the numbers may have changed since this listing.