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Utah Emergency Vehicle Light State Statutes

utah Utah emergency vehicle light state statutes allow warning or emergency vehicle lights to be placed on some privately and publicly owned vehicles. To make it easy for customers and installers in Utah to purchase warning lights and sirens, we have gathered information about the most important statutes and added links to formal sources.

Emergency Vehicles Defined by Utah State Statutes

Emergency vehicles in Utah are defined by state statute 41-6a-102(3). This definition extends to any vehicle driven by firefighters or police and includes Utah ambulances. Under this Utah emergency vehicle light statute, the commissioner of the Director of Public Safety has the power to authorize other public or privately owned vehicles as emergency vehicles.

Utah Police are Allowed to Use Combo Red/White or Combo Red/Blue Lighting

Utah police are allowed to use combo red/white or combo red/blue light according to statute 41-6a-604. Utah emergency light state statutes reserve the color blue for only law enforcement, and does not allow any other sector to use this color in the emergency light set-up.

Utah Fire Trucks and Ambulances Use Red or Combo Red/White Lights

utah-state-flagUtah fire trucks and ambulances are permitted to use inherently red or combo red/white lights in Utah under state statute 41-6a-1616(2). It is important to note that there is some controversy about using inherently red lights on any emergency vehicle in Utah.

Utah Tow Trucks ad Wreckers are allowed to Use Amber Emergency Lights

Utah’s state statute that covers police lighting also covers tow trucks and wreckers in the state. Under this statute tow trucks and wreckers are allowed to use yellow/amber warning lights on wreckers.

For more information about what lights may be available to you, we suggest calling your State Highway Patrol office at: 801-965-4518

*Please note that these numbers are what we are currently able to find and the numbers may have changed since this listing.