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LED Dash  w/ Linear 1 OpticsLED Dash  w/ Linear 1 OpticsLED Dash  w/ Linear 1 OpticsLED Dash  w/ Linear 1 OpticsLED Dash  w/ Linear 1 Optics
$89.96 $44.96
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About The LED Dash w/ Linear 1 Optics

The LED Dash Light has 6 Generation III 1-Watt LEDs that are dispersed by Linear 1 Optics, also known as a LIN lens, which creates a wider, more visible light spread than a normal TIR lens. This durable, polycarbonate interior light can be mounted either forward or rear with the included bracket and 3 suction cups. The removable flashback shield keeps your eyes protected from the bright reflection off the glass when you’re sitting inside. A cigarette lighter plug powers the unit, but it has a separate control box with switches for the 19 flash patterns and ON/OFF.  All of ETD’s lights have pattern memory which means the light ‘holds’ the previous flash pattern for a quick return to it if necessary. The ON/OFF button and the flash pattern buttons are also on the back of the unit, but this light can be hardwired to existing systems for a more permanent setup. Select from 10 color choices: 5 solid colors or 5 split-color combinations


  • (6) 1 Watt Generation III LEDs
  • 19 Flash Patterns with Pattern Memory
  • 100,000 Hours on the Job
  • Meets or Exceeds SAE J845 & J595 Standards
  • Meets or Exceeds California Title 13 Requirements


  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on LED Bulbs
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty on Components

Included in Box:

  • LED Dash w/ Linear 1 Optics Light
  • Bracket with 3 Suction Cups
  • Removable/Adjustable Flash Back Shield
  • Attached 10' power cord (including cigarette lighter plug with on/off switch)

Our customers know they are getting a great, hard-working compact light for the money that really pushes the light.  The LED Dash light is so portable you can just unplug it and take it with you whether you’re in your POV or a police patrol car. It’s great for first-responder volunteers who don’t need a permanent emergency light setup. We’re not afraid for you to compare any of our lights to others on the market; we know our emergency lights have Top-End Design...for a Low-End Budget.


Dimensions: 6.5"L x 7.75"W x 2"H
Linear LED Dual Dimensions

Another EXCELLENT light by you guys at Extreme Tactical Dynamics! All in all, the Linear lights are amazing, and give the regular LED lights a definate run for their money. Trying to decide which one I want to get next!

Rated by William

Another great product from Extreme Tactical. This light is very bright. Pattern selection is great. Comes with everything that you need. I had to use the whelen Talon brackets that I had for my application. I put these in the rear window of my pickup truck and the bracket that comes with it didn't work, but these lights are really not made for that. I also hardwired these to my switchbox. These lights are just as bright if not birghter than the talons.

Rated by William

I forgot to mention. I bought 2 for each corner that are split red and blue.

Rated by William

I recieved this Dash light for Christmas and it is extremely bright both during the day, and at night. Very visible during the day and almost blinding at night. Not very big, but definetly will do the job!!

Rated by Joey