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LED Dual Emergency LightLED Dual Emergency LightLED Dual Emergency LightLED Dual Emergency Light


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Our LED Dual Emergency Light is one of the brightest emergency vehicle lights in our inventory. We have created this warning light to help drivers move traffic and be seen on the road. This dual warning light features 12 individual light heads and each light head is fitted with a GEN III 1 Watt LED light bulb. With this dash light installed on your department vehicle or POV, you will be sure to be seen anywhere your job takes you. To prepare drivers for anything they may face, we added 26 different flash patterns and ensured the lights have the capability to flash simultaneously or alternatively.

Choose from a variety of color option in the drop down menu above and count on our 2 and 5 year warranty to allow you to buy with confidence. With the LED dual emergency light installed in your vehicle, you will be able to get where you are going safer and faster.

When you purchase the LED dual emergency light from Extreme Tactical Dynamics, you will receive:

  • 2 year warranty on the LED dual warning light components
  • 5 year warranty on the LED light bulbs
  • Your choice of popular warning light colors
  • 1 LED dual light
  • Cigarette lighter plug
  • Clear outer lenses
  • Suction cups
  • Pattern switch
  • On/off switch
  • 2 year warranty on the LED dual warning light components
  • 5 year warranty on the LED light bulbs
  • Your choice of popular warning light colors
  • 1 LED dual light
  • Cigarette lighter plug
  • Clear outer lenses
  • Suction cups
  • Pattern switch
  • On/off switch
LED Dual Dimensions

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Hey Just received my light thanks alot now i'm ready to go check it out and ride thanks

Rated by Emanuel

I bought the LED Dual about a year ago and still runs just as bright as the day I got it out of the box! I am a volunteer EMT for my school's rescue squad and I have green/green and as all of us professionals know how every second counts to get to the scene as soon as possible, lives depend on it. The lights moves traffic way too easy. Obviosuly at night is when your the most visible, but I feel just as visible during the day time. I am seen at least 1/2(day) to 1(night) mile away on

Rated by Christopher

i bouhgt this light a week ago and man i love it it has great flash patterns and bright as all get out i love it thanks ETD

Rated by Jacob

Very Bright, Even In The Sunlight, Housing Is Made Well, Not A Cheap Feeling Product, But An Excellent Price!

Rated by Mark

Great DAYTIME light as well as night! It can be seen in direct sunlight! Great value, perfect light! Low power usage, and bright light, cigarette lighter power is great when you use this in more than one car!

Rated by richard

This light is cheap but not cheap built. It is super bright, has many flash patterns, and it uses very little power. I love this light and would highly recommend this light to others. It also got here very quickly. It was ordered on Friday and delivered on Monday! Great Service!

Rated by Stuart

This light is great! Very brite. Even during the day time. Very good price too.

Rated by Ryan

i got it within a week after i placed my order. the light is bright in the daylight and almost blinding at night! it'll move traffic

Rated by jordan

Great dashlight! I bought the green/amber combo for my security vehicle

Rated by Michael

Much better than I ever expected! Well made, worked perfectly right out of the box, and once mounted, I have never had a problem with it falling off. Will definitely buy again!

Rated by William

Great Product. Works right out of the box. Super bright, and great price. Will buy again.

Rated by Justin

Great light, really bright. I couldnt go wrong. Its a good buy.

Rated by Raymond

It is very hard to properly describe how happy i am with this product. I took it out of the box, plugged it in and it blew away all my previous thoughts of LED's. I will not be going to any other company but here.

Rated by Jeffrey

have had this light for 3 years and still as bright as the day I took it out of the box!! I will be buying another light for my other POV's in the near future!!!

Rated by Bill

This sucker ticks all the boxes. Nice light output, compact size, large range of flash patterns, ideal brightness, well priced. I tested the light thru limo tint during an overcast day. It wasn't bright but could be seen. Get the LED Dual with Prority 1 Optics if you want more punch. I will be definately be getting more of these. Thanks again for another great product ETD!

Rated by Matthew

For anyone interested in buying I engaged in a lot of such products And I very highly recommend this product His light with strong intensity And I really enjoy the deal.

Rated by bentzi

Just received my light kits yesterday,it was way above and beyond what I expected. Looked at a lot of sites for these lights and I am totally impressed by the quality and brightness. Definitely 10 stars.

Rated by Bill

I won these lights in one of the many contests that extreme offers & I must say that I'm very impressed! These are much brighter than the bumper mounted lights I bought & are just as bright as the undercover I have also bought. Highly recommend these to anyone.day or night you will be seen!

Rated by Paul

These lights are very bright. I have 3 sets of these. Can be seen in daylight as well as night. People will get out of the way when they see you coming.

Rated by merlin

Great light, just as bright as the Whelen for much less.

Rated by Scot

I highly recommend these for anyone 10X brighter than most LED lights. I will be purchasing more for sure.

Rated by Tommy

these are the best lights for a volunteer fireman can buy because of the price and quality. i recommend these light to all of my friend and co-workers at the sheriffs office. i give them a rating of 10 out of 10

Rated by trey

this is the best ever made.Moves people so fast you dont even slow down for them.

Rated by tigger

This is amazing!! It moves traffic like you wouldnt belive!! Im going to buy more from here for sure!! quick shipping and great products.

Rated by brian

I would recommend this product to any who is looking for a quick, easy and bright light to add to there car with out having to spend lots of money. The LED Dual is fits great in the front dash. Traffic will not have any problems seeing you coming with this light on. The cigarette lighter makes it easy to move when you have to get your car worked on and have to use another car.

Rated by David

This is the best light i have ever seen.The guys i work with is going to get one.They could not say any thing about my light.It was that good.The price is good to.I just wish i would have look arround befor buying all of my other lights.Every one needs this light.

Rated by tigger

This light is brighter than the car lightbar !! I have the undercover LED 8s (in my prisoner screens), the LED deck2duals(on the back deck) and the LED dual (on the dash). The cigarette lighter plugs allow me to move my lights with ease and no extra expense of paying for installation. The only thing extra you buy is a 4 prong cigarette power divder!! I am covered on all 4 sides.

Rated by JUNE

Fast shipping, good product, good price. Installed and it seems great!

Rated by Dale

Fit great on my chevy tahoe for off duty work and what not,the lights are amazing and im happy with my purchase i definitely recommend these lights for anyone who\'s looking for dash led lights! great product ETD!

Rated by michael

This light I would recommend to anyone looking to move traffic! You can't beat the price. I will be buying more lights in the future from this company.

Rated by Mark

This a very good product!!! I recommend it to all Fire Volunteers and any other entitie working with first responders!! A++

Rated by Jaime

Great light for the price. People pull over right away when I am coming up on them at night, but during the day, like most of my interior lights, they take a little bit due to visibility. Would recommend for anyone that is on a budget or just wants something really bright to add to their collection.

Rated by Michael

Got this bad boy along with my new ET-7 because I couldn't pass up the price. Outstanding light for the price, I managed to catch the sale! Even in direct light I can still see it with no problem. Continuing my love affair with ETD products!

Rated by Pete

This light smokes the competition and when you add in the price, the others may as well pack it up and go out of business. Great mount, great flash patterns, great light output.. enough can't be said about this light. Moves traffic day or night.. fantastic.

Rated by Brian

This light is great. Gets people's attention right away. Shipping was a bit slow but that was due to stock availablity and customs which is out of anyone's control. The Customer Service Staff was very friendly and courteous with my questions. Would definaly buy more if needed.

Rated by Mike

Excellent Product, I got one for my SUV and its perfect. Extremely bright with absolutley no problems.

Rated by Joel

Very bright light. Extremely fast shipping. The package was lacking any instructions but once I figured out the mounting bracket it went pretty smoothly.The bracket did hang the light a little too low on the windshield for my liking so I slid it between the roof line and visor. It is actually more secure and just about right. Great light, great price.

Rated by Tim

I purchased one of these units about 2 months ago, and absolutely love it. It has alot of flash patterns and is able to be mounted almost anywhere, front or back. Not the brightest light during the day, but combined with the headlight flasher and pair of Undercover 6 2.0's I also purchased from ETD it provides plenty of light. Very noticeable at night! Would highly recommend to someone looking for an affordable light or to someone on a tight budget.

Rated by Morgan

great light very bright everything is great it stays in place when my bass shakes my car so it must be good love all the flash patterns as well will deff be buying some more lights from here

Rated by Brian

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