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Ranger Dual TIR LED Dash LightRanger Dual TIR LED Dash LightRanger Dual TIR LED Dash LightRanger Dual TIR LED Dash LightRanger Dual TIR LED Dash Light
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About The Ranger Dual TIR LED Dash Light

The Ranger Dual TIR LED Emergency Light has been one of our most popular lights for years because it's a favorite of first responders: Police, EMS, and Fire Departments. It packs a whole lot of power and it’s versatile; you’ve got two lens options. 6 Generation III 1-Watt LED bulbs are housed in 2 aluminum light heads each with your choice of TIR lenses, or Linear Optics if you need a wider light span. It’s easy to change the 26 flash patterns with just a push of a button. The ON/OFF switch is on the cigarette lighter power plug of the LED Dual making them both practical and economical because the lights can be moved from one patrol car to another.


  • (12) 1-Watt Generation III LEDs
    (Total of 12 watts, our competition is using 0.5 watt LEDs for a total of 8 watts)
  • (6) 1 Watt LEDs per head
  • 26 Flash Patterns with Pattern Memory
  • A Favorite of First Responders for Years
  • Meets or exceeds J845 and J595 standards.
  • Meets California Title 13 requirements


  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on LED Bulbs
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty on Components

Included in Box:

  • Ranger Dual TIR LED Dash Light
  • Bracket with 3 Suction Cups
  • Removable/adjustable flashback shield 
  • Attached 10 feet of power cord (including in line on/off switch and pattern selector, and cigarette lighter plug)

Even construction workers and tow truck drivers prefer this reliable 12-Watt light which is mounted either front or rear with a bracket and 3 suction cups. The polycarbonate lenses are scratch resistant and do a good job penetrating fog. An adjustable removable flashback shield fits most windshields or rear windows. Choose your color combination that best serves your first responder duty from 5 solid colors or 7 split-color combinations; one EMT volunteer who's on the rescue squad of his school chose green on green.


8.5"W x 1.5"T x 3"D
LED Dual Dimensions

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My brother and I volunteer for a local volunteer fire department and we live farthest from the station. We hardly ever ride in a unit so our personal vehicles are our unit. We started running into problems responding to calls as know one will get out of the way with just our hazards. We met a volunteer from another department and he recommended we look at the lights ETD sells. We chose this one. It has been great. Even the semis get out of our way. Well they try anyway. It can blind you at night if your using it

Rated by Nathan

i bouhgt this light a week ago and man i love it it has great flash patterns and bright as all get out i love it thanks ETD

Rated by Jacob

Very Bright, Even In The Sunlight, Housing Is Made Well, Not A Cheap Feeling Product, But An Excellent Price!

Rated by Mark

Great DAYTIME light as well as night! It can be seen in direct sunlight! Great value, perfect light! Low power usage, and bright light, cigarette lighter power is great when you use this in more than one car!

Rated by richard

This light is great! Very brite. Even during the day time. Very good price too.

Rated by Ryan