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Extreme Tactical Dynamics is a leader in the LED light bar market. We specialize in lighting for emergency response and utility vehicles. If you need high-quality LED lighting, you’re in the right place. We have options for every situation and can customize products to meet your needs.

Exterior and Interior Light Bars

Whether you need visor lights for the interior of your vehicler, or full size light bars for your police, fire, utility and tow trucks, we have them. Our inventory includes everything from mini light bars to off road light bars. Our full size light bars offer powerful lighting for almost any situation, and available options include built in directionals, and takedown lighting. A full length light bar will give you amazing visibility whenever you need it. If you’re looking for something more compact, a mini light bar is the way to go. When you opt for a small light bar, you won’t be sacrificing quality or effectiveness. Our mini models pack a ton of power in their small frames. We only use high-quality LEDs, which means you’re going to get the best brightness possible.

Undercover Lighting with a Visor Light Bar

We carry visor light bars that will knock your socks off with their brightness. Built for mounting at the top of your windshield, the visor light bars give you exceptional forward facing light power. A favorite for undercover police use, a visor light bar equipped with a takedown option will rival almost any roof mounted light bar.

Off Road LED Light Bars For Utility Vehicles

If you’d rather outfit your vehicle with LED off road light bars, we can do that too. Our off road lights are available in multiple lens types, including spot lights for direct light, and flood lights for when you want to light up the entire surrounding area. Hybrid light bars are available as well, for when you want the best of both worlds.

Popular Choice: The Amber Light Bar

Our most popular options include amber light bars for security vehicles and tow truck lights. These light bars are perfect for dark roads and snowy nights. With amber lighting being the universal symbol for caution, our light bars help keep everyone safer on the roads, especially in high-traffic areas. Construction trucks, municipality vehicles, garbage trucks, snow plows, and work trucks, there is almost no limit to the uses of an amber light bar. Pair your new light bar with any of our surface mount grille lights or LED hideaways for total vehicle warning light power.

Why Choose Extreme Tactical Dynamics Emergency Light Bars?

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we are committed to providing products to the first responder community. We want every customer to be satisfied with their purchase. Our team is working hard to be aware of any technology advancements and changes in the LED industry. When new technology is available, we do our best to find ways to integrate it into our product line of warning lights.

Because our team researches new development options, you can buy from us with confidence. We have our lighting products tested, retested, and will tweak a model when needed to meet the requirements of customers.

Keep reading to find out how and why we go beyond what our competitors offer.

Understanding SAE and How It Pertains to an LED Light Bar

Quality is the foundation of our business, so we're proud to offer lighting that meets or exceeds SAE Class 1 Certifications. If you want LED emergency vehicle lights that meet the highest safety and quality standards, we have them. When only the best products will meet your needs, our light bars, with their powerful LEDs and high quality builds are just what you want.

Each of our LED light bars will exceed your expectations. We invite you to learn more about our custom options, interior light bars, mini light bars, off road and utility, and tow light bars too. Our powerful LED technology puts us at the top of any list.

Adding to it is our affordable prices and commitment to excellence. Are you ready to give Extreme Tactical Dynamics a try? We invite you to contact our team today.