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Ranger Mini TIR LED Dash LightRanger Mini TIR LED Dash LightRanger Mini TIR LED Dash LightRanger Mini TIR LED Dash LightRanger Mini TIR LED Dash Light
$59.96 $39.96
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About The Ranger Mini TIR LED Dash Light

The Ranger Mini TIR LED Dash Light is a mighty 6” addition to your light arsenal, perfect for undercover use. The Mini uses 6 Generation III 1-watt LEDs with TIR lens that product a strong, focused 6-watt beam of light. Our competition uses eight 0.5 watt LEDs for a total of 4 watts. For an additional $10, you can order the Mini Dash with Linear 1 Optics which also has a strong light, but a wider light span. The 9’ power cord attaches to the cigarette lighter combination power plug with ON/OFF and flash pattern switches; it gives the user unlimited placement opportunities inside and out. The suction cup bracket secures the strobe to the inside of any window increasing placement options. A removable flashback shield is adjustable and fits most windshields and protects your eyes from the reflection bouncing off the windshield. There are 5 solid color choices to pick from in the cart.


  • (6) Generation III 1 Watt LEDs
    (Total of 6 Watts, our competition uses eight 0.5 watt LEDs for a total of 4 watts)
  • An adjustable removable flashback shield to fit most windshields
  • Suction cup brackets for sturdy window mounting
  • A cigarette lighter plug with on/off switch
  • 19 strobing flash patterns and pattern memory
  • Meets or exceeds J845 and J595 standards.
  • Meets California Title 13 requirements

The Ranger Mini TIR LED Dash Light has 19 strobe patterns and pattern memory making it not only highly visible but useful in any emergency or security incident. You can hardwire your Mini Strobe to an existing switch or siren system creating your own personalized emergency setup. This small, durable, multi-use unit is a fantastic asset to your light system. Though small, it really gets the job done!


  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on LED Bulbs
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty on Components

Included in Box:

  • 1 Ranger Mini TIR LED Dash Light
  • 1 set of suction cup brackets
  • Attached 10 feet of power cord (including cigarrete lighter plug and on/off switch)
  • 1 removable/adjustable flashback shield


6"W x 1.75"T x 5"Deep (3" without shield)
LED Mini Strobe Dash Light Dimensions

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For The Price, This Little Light Is BRIGHT!!! Highly Recommend This Product To Any First Responder. Fits My Budget!

Rated by Mark

This light is super bright. It makes people move over in front of me and oncoming traffic also. I have recommended others to get their lights through here for more than 1 reason.

Rated by Wayne

this light is super bright right now i have it installed in my rear window but it makes people stop behind me when on the side of a roadway and i am on a scene i also have an interior bar light in the front which is also a great light.

Rated by Dustin

I have recently purchased a red dash light and a clear dash light adn these suckers really punch a a pack for a flash! I have mounted these 2 in different various positions of my P.O.V and finally mounted them under my rear view mirror. These really go good with my 2 L.E.D's from a different brand. I highley recommend this light or two, to First Responders, E.M.S and Fire Dept personnel. Grade A+ dashlights under $96!!!

Rated by Kasandra

AWESOME little light....very very bright and well constructed.I will for sure be ordering more warning lights from ETD and referring ETD to fellow firemen.

Rated by Nathaniel