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Please download and print the repair/exchcange form and include it with your items.

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Extreme Tactical Dynamics Return Policy
Not only are we here for our customers before and during the sale, but afterwards as well. To make sure we can continue to provide you with excellent customer service and product satisfaction for years to come, we have outlined our return policy in detail. The most important aspects of our policy are highlighted below. More detailed explanations are listed by subheadings to make it easy for you to find the information that pertains to your situation. While we have done our very best to cover all the details of our return policy here, you can always contact our customer service team for specific issues or detailed explanations of any of the terms below.


Returns Accepted for Warranty Repair or Replacement

We accept returns for warranty repair. When we receive the item, it will be inspected by our engineers. At this point, the item will be:

  • Checked for damage, defect failure, or user abuse
  • If the product is covered by warranty or repair is needed, we will do this at no charge to the you
  • If the item is defective due to user abuse or alteration, it cannot be repaired through the warranty. However we can still help you get your item in working order
  • If user damage caused your product to fail, you can speak with our customer service team about your options

Order Cancellations

We understand there may be a reason or need to cancel an order after placing it. To make sure we can provide you with the best service possible, we have created the following order cancellation policies.

  • Orders must be cancelled by phone
  • Please understand once in the shipping queue, we cannot stop an order from shipping.
  • When orders ship from our warehouse after they are in the queue, you will be responsible for shipping costs to send the order back to us unopened and unused. Your refund order will also be deducted the actual cost we incurred to ship the item to you.

Defective Items

We are known for creating high-quality, professional grade LED emergency vehicle lights, sirens, and accessories. However, we also understand anything can happen with electronic devices, so we created a defective items policy. Any “defective” item will be exchanged or repaired within the warranty timeframe. It’s important to note the warranty begins the day your item is delivered to you and whether an item is truly defective is up to the discretion of Extreme Tactical Dynamics.

All Returns for Repair must have an RMA#

To receive an RMA# for warranty work, you must call our customer service team at 1-888-893-3308. We are open Monday through Friday from 10 AM - 4 PM EST time. When you are returning an item to us for warranty repair or replacement, it is important to know the following information about RMA#s.

  • Returns must have a valid RMA# from customer service to be accepted
  • No credit or refund can be issued to customers without an RMA#
  • RMA# must be easily visible on the outside of the box

Warranty does not cover User Abuse or Alterations

Our warranty does not cover user abuse. We understand that most people aren’t trying to damage their Extreme Tactical Dynamics lights or sirens, but it can happen. To help decrease the risk of user damage and to keep the warranty intact, we recommend our products be installed by an EVT (emergency vehicle technician). These professionals work with emergency vehicles on a daily basis and will make sure your set-up is installed correctly. Instances of user abuse that aren’t covered by warranty include, but are not limited to:

  • Broken wires
  • Changes
  • Pulled loose solder
  • Abuse
  • Alterations
  • Car accidents
  • Poor upkeep
  • Improper installation
  • Poor wiring
  • Excess voltages
  • Cutoff cigarette lighter plug
  • Reverse polarities have been applied to the unit

Whether user abuse causes damage to a product is up to the sole discretion of Extreme Tactical Dynamics.

Defective, Non-Altered Items

If an item is defective and has not been altered, we will reimburse you for shipping back to us within 30 days of the original shipping date. Once replaced or repaired, we will ship it back to you free of charge providing the warranty is valid and the item was received back to us within the first 30 days of shipping. After 30 days you are responsible for shipping both ways to and from.

Defective, Altered Items

If a product is faulty and has been altered, any repair or replacement cost will be your responsibility. Examples of charges to repair user caused damages can be found below:

  • If a cigarette lighter plug or control box has been removed, and the circuit board needs to be replaced it will cost $45 + actual shipping
  • If the cigarette lighter plug or control box is removed, and the light head is burned out, the repair will cost $20 per LED section + actual shipping

If our team determines user damage caused your product to no longer operate properly, we can’t repay you for the amount it cost to ship it to us for inspection.

Wrong Item Shipped

We do our very best to make sure you always receive what you ordered. However, we are human just like you and mistakes can happen. If you receive the wrong item, and it is our error, we will pay you to return the item to us. First, call our customer service team to let them know about the error. From there, our team will issue you an RMA# and send it to the email on file for your account. To make sure there are no issues with returning the product, please makes sure it is in brand new condition when shipped back to us with the RMA# on the outside of the box.

Once we receive the unused, wrong item in our warehouse, we will ship the correct item to you at our cost. It’s important to follow the procedures listed above correctly because we have a 20% restocking fee and shipping charge for items that don’t comply with our wrong item shipped policy.

With the variations in emergency light state statutes, we understand issues with colors can happen. If you order the wrong color product from us, we will exchange it for the appropriate color as long as the item is in brand new, unused condition. Again, you will have to contact customer service before returning the wrong color light to us, and you’ll be responsible for paying shipping charges associated with the return.

Item Shipped to Undeliverable Address

We will ship item to the address you provide to us. If the item is returned to us because the address, zip code, house number, or apartment number is wrong it is not our responsibility. Once we receive the item back from the shipping company we will charge you the actual amount it takes to ship to you.

Refusal of Delivery

If you refuse delivery from Extreme Tactical Dynamics, and the package is unopened, we will refund the purchase price of the product minus actual shipping costs we incurred to ship to you.

Stolen or Lost Packages

Our packages are shipped with tracking information. Once the package has been shipped and delivered to you via tracking confirmation, it is not our responsibility. What this means is if your package is stolen, taken, or lost from the delivery location, we are not responsible for it.

Call Tags

We do not issue call tags.

Price Adjustments

We’re confident that our prices are always low. If we lower our prices within seven days, we will refund you the difference.

Special and Custom Order Items

Due to the time it takes to create special and custom order products all sales on these items are final.

**This return policy is effective 09/08/2015 and supercedes any previous return policy offered by Extreme Tactical Dynamics.