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Strobe lights are employed by a diverse range of emergency vehicles. Strobe lighting is famed for its intensity and power, and it can be used in all kinds of different settings and environments. If you’re a volunteer or a first responder who is looking for equip a personal or emergency vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. We stock an array of strobe lights that are ideally suited to police officers, security personnel, ambulance and truck drivers. Whether you need a discreet hideaway strobe for a police patrol car on a secret mission or a strobe kit for a personal vehicle, we’re confident our extensive range of emergency lights will provide an effective solution.

Strobe lights for personal and emergency vehicles

Strobe lights are used widely in emergency scenarios due to the intensity of the light they provide and the versatility they offer. At ETD, we recognize that the nature of work undertaken by first responders varies on a daily basis, and this is why we have carefully selected a range of products that can cater for every scenario. Our collection of emergency vehicle lighting features everything from full size, ultra powerful light bars, portable mini light bars and visor lights to concealed LED hideaway strobe lights, strobe kits for personal vehicles and grille and surface mount lights.

LED Hideaway Strobe Lights
LED hideaway strobe lights are ideally suited to those who work undercover, volunteers and first responders who don’t need their vehicle to be decked out in more obvious permanent light fittings. The beauty of LED hideaway strobe lights is their discretion. With this form of strobe lighting, you can make your presence known at the last minute, and you can drive around without everybody around you realizing that you’re operating an emergency vehicle. Consider the impact of hideaway LED strobe lights when pursuing a motorist who is driving at excessive speed or when tracking a burglar who has recently left a commercial property laden with goods, for example. In this case, you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, but it’s beneficial to have access to emergency lighting if the need arises. If you’re a volunteer, LED hideaway strobes offer you the chance to help out without adorning your car in lights, and switch between work and off-duty mode quickly and easily. Flick the switch and you’re ready for work. Turn it off and you can relax. Hideaway lights like the Hideaway-ANT6 are also effective for surveillance operations conducted by police forces, government agencies and security companies. The lights are small, but they’re also powerful, and they respond instantly when the need arises.

Strobe Light Kits
Strobe light kits are a popular choice for volunteers, as they give you access to emergency lighting without altering the aesthetic of the vehicle. If you’re a volunteer, you may not want to do the school run or take a trip to the grocery store with highly visible lights all over your car. Strobe light kits are fitted to the front headlights or rear tail lights. We stock a range of different strobe tube kits, from 2 head, 65-watt strobe kits to 8 head 120-watt kits. Strobe kits utilise xenon bulbs. Strobe kits are ideal for volunteers, but they also represent a fantastic choice for agencies and forces that undertake undercover operations or encounter scenarios when it’s essential to remain incognito for as long as possible. With concealed strobe lights, you can go about your business without anyone knowing what you’re doing. When you’re ready, all you need to do is flick the switch, and you can leap into action.

Full Size Strobe Light Bars
Full size strobe light bars provide a huge amount of light, and they are ideally suited to tow trucks and recovery vehicles and larger vehicles that deal with emergency scenarios like road traffic accidents. A full size light bar can be used to flood the area with light to assist those working to recover vehicles or help casualties and also to warn other drivers approaching the scene. Light bars are also a useful addition to vehicles that carry out work in public areas, such as construction vehicles stationed at the side of highways, for example. Strobe light bars provide 360-degree lighting with an intense beam, which increases safety for first responders and members of the public. Strobe lights are so powerful that they can be seen during the day and night, regardless of most weather conditions. Most of our full size light bars offer customization options, and you can program the settings using the control panel.

Mini Strobe Light Bars
Mini light bars are a fantastic option for first responders who don’t need a full size strobe light bar. Mini light bars are portable, and you can activate them when the need arises, rather than having them poised and ready at all times. Strobe lights are known for the depth and brilliance of light they provide, and even a mini light bar measuring just 9 inches can produce 48 watts of brilliant light. Mini light bars are ideal for volunteers who use their own vehicles. They give you the option to utilise and employ emergency lighting, but you don’t have to cover your car in lights. These smaller, more compact light bars are easy to install and remove and they provide 360-degree beams.

Grille and Surface Mount Lights
Grille and surface mount lights are rugged and robust, and they can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle. Although these lights tend to be small, they’re pretty mighty, and they also give you multiple light patterns to choose from.

Visor Lights
Visor lights are a great source of lighting for emergency vehicles. Hidden away, these lights offer varied flash patterns, which can be activated as and when you need them. These strobe lights are ideal for police officers who are operating undercover, and volunteers or first responders who may not need lights 24-hours a day.

Why choose strobe lights for your personal or emergency vehicle?

There are many situations and scenarios that unfold on a daily basis where light is required. As a first responder, you may find yourself trying to assist casualties in the dark or you may need to divert traffic due to an obstruction in the road. Whether you’re attending a scene in the middle of the day or the early hours of the morning, having access to emergency lighting can increase safety for both your team and the people around you. Strobe lights are famed for producing powerful brilliant light, and they are used widely in emergency situations. At ETD, we stock a broad spectrum of emergency lighting, including strobe tube kits that feature xenon bulbs and light bars and hideaway lights that contain energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Hideaway strobe lights, strobe tube kits, mini light bars and visor lights are ideally suited to police officers and those who undertake surveillance or undercover work, as they are discreet. These smaller, hidden lights are also ideal for volunteers who use their own private vehicles, as they give you access to the light you need without impacting the aesthetic of the car. Flick a switch and you’re good to go. Click it again and you’re back to off-duty mode. In situations where a lot of light is required, for example, a tow truck recovering vehicles from the scene of a multi-car collision on the highway, full size light bars are ideal.

LED strobe lights are an increasingly popular option for first responders and volunteer services, as they offer durability, value for money and longevity. LED bulbs last a lot longer than other bulb types and they also use up to 75% less energy.

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