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White 18 Gauge Primary Sync Wire
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About The White 18 Gauge Primary Sync Wire

Buy 2’ which is our minimum or buy a whole spool. No matter how much wire you buy from us, you can be sure it’s at a very good price, just 12 cents/foot. Our 18 gauge wire meets the AWG standard; it’s a middle range width and carries the current efficiently to illuminate any light that we sell. White wires are used to synchronize units to each other, and to wire different systems to alternate with one another. Each color designates a specific connection: red is power, black is ground, yellow is flash pattern, and white is synchronize/alternate. Always use the wire color for the job, and if you ever have an electrical problem with your light setup, you’ll be able to trace the wires without any trouble.

Thanks for the labor day sale, I did not get to make a purchase just yet but im excited to do so ... again ty !

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