Many little boys, and some big boys too, get excited when they see fire trucks with lights going down the road! Seeing a fire truck with lights and sirens blaring is exciting. But, seeing a fire truck decked out with its emergency lights and Christmas lights too is even more fun to see. Here, we have collected some of the best cool fire truck holiday lights displays.

Cape May Antique Fire Truck

This antique fire truck has bright Christmas lights for Cape May’s annual Christmas parade.

Collingswood Fire Truck Holiday Display

Firefighters in Collingswood take their fire light display seriously. Check out the incredible use of holiday lights and the PHILLIES logo on the front of the truck!


Smithville Volunteer Fire Department

Smithville Volunteer Fire Department’s “Fire Truck of a Thousand Lights.” Not only did the volunteer firefighters fit their truck with a thousand holiday lights, but they added a few reindeers to help get in the festive spirit.

Fire Truck Lights Set to Music

By now, everyone has seen at least one holiday light display set to music. But, how many people have seen a holiday light display set to music on a fire truck? Check out the impressive fire truck display in the video below. The firefighters responsible for this display used about 10,000 lights. And donated over 200 man hours to deck out their ladder truck with lights and music for the town’s annual Festival of Lights parade.

Barrington, New Jersey, Fire Truck Christmas Parade

In Barrington, New Jersey, firefighters get in the Christmas spirit. In fact, they have an entire parade dedicated to area fire trucks and first responder vehicles. Check out the different fire trucks in this parade and the impressive use of lights and firefighter enthusiasm.

Rural Metro Knoxville Fire Department Holiday Display

Instead of just decorating their fire trucks with lights for a parade, the firefighters at the Rural Metro Knoxville fire department decked out their entire station with fire lights and synced it to music.

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