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Blue 14-16 Gauge Butt Connecter (10 Pack)

About The Blue 14-16 Gauge Butt Connecter (10 Pack)

Whenever you need to connect wires, one way of doing it is to use a butt connector. ETD sells just the size and color you need to connect any of the products we sell. Be sure to check the size you will need when you make a light purchase from us, then include the right size butt connectors in the cart, so when the order arrives you’ll have everything you’ll need to get started. Remember to always disconnect the wire from the power source before stripping the end. If you don’t, you’ll remember soon enough by the shock you’ll get. We recommend using an EVT professional whenever possible, but if you want to install our lights yourself, then read the Installation Instructions thoroughly before you start. They’re in the Knowledge Base section of our website.