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Halo 3 LED Strobe Lights

$47.99 $39.96

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Our Halo 3 LED strobe light from Extreme Tactical Dynamics is a mini LED that can create a huge amount of light on the road. This unit is able to create an amazing amount of light output even though it is only 2.8” x 2”. The small size of this LED makes it easy to install anywhere you would like. The poly-carbonate housing of the light makes it nearly indestructible and waterproof as well. When you install this light, you will enjoy 19 different flash patterns and angled illumination. Choose from a variety of different flash patterns and opt for the standard black bezel or a chrome bezel. Two different brightness settings are also offered, which ensures you can get exactly what you need when you purchase this light.

When you purchase the Halo 3 LED police light from Extreme Tactical Dynamics, you will receive:

  • Halo LED police light
  • A chrome or black bezel
  • Your choice of six different split or solid colors
  • 19 different flash patterns
  • 9-watts of LED light output
  • TIR optics
  • 3-watt LED light bulbs
  • Surface mount bracket for installation

Dimensions:2.75"L x 2"W x 1.75"H

  • TIR optics
  • Brings 9-watts of bright LED light
  • Can be mounted just about anywhere
  • 3 separate LED light bulbs
  • Available in six different solid or split color combinations
  • Surface mount bracket is included with purchase
  • Polycarbonate and aluminum housing
  • 19 different flash patterns
  • Constant burn, strobe, and spotlight patterns are installed
E-24 LED Surface Mount Light Dimensions

These things are as bright as any "name brand" my department purchases, if not brighter, but they are half the price! They also don't look like the typical surface mount light which adds an extra surprise if you in an unmarked vehicle.

Rated by Nicholas

These are very impressive for the size and price. Well worth choosing in my opinion. No controller needed, the unit is self contained and can be paired if needed. Super bright I am ver pleased.

Rated by Michael

This are awsome they work great day or night defently worth the money

Rated by Santos

I have to say I was quite surprised by the light output on these! They are blinding if you look right at them! Their small size fit would let me put them anywhere, but the back corners of my expedition worked for me.

Rated by Sarah

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