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Colorado Emergency Vehicle Light State Statutes

colorado In Colorado, an emergency vehicle light is defined as a vehicle driven by police, fire, or ambulance according to statute 42-4-106-6. This state statute applies to emergency vehicles that are privately or publicly owned.

Police in Colorado Use Red, Blue, and White Warning Lights

Colorado state statute 42-4-2133 allows police vehicles to use red, blue, and white warning lights. Under this statute, these lights can be flashing, rotating, or oscillating. Red lights can be used on the front and rear of a cruiser. Blue or split blue and white warning lighting can be used too.

Colorado Ambulances Use Red, Blue, and White Emergency Lights

The same state statute that allows police to use red, blue, and white lights allows ambulances to use the same color lighting. As with police vehicles in Colorado, red emergency lights must be visible from the front and rear of all ambulances.


Yellow/Amber Warning Lights are Permitted for Use on Tow Trucks in Colorado

Construction vehicles, including wreckers and tow trucks are permitted to use yellow/amber warning lights under state statute 42-4-2133. This statute allows drivers in this state to use rotating, flashing, or oscillating yellow/amber lights.

Colorado's Department of Transportation requires escort or pilot vehicle drivers to be certified. The state accepts certifications from other states. If no certification is possessed, a Colorado pilot vehicle certification is required. Any vehicle used to escort heavy haulers in the state must be equipped with an amber warning light mounted as high as practical. The light must be visible in sunlight at distances of up to 500 feet.

For more information about what lights may be available to you, we suggest calling your State Highway Patrol office at: 303-273-1616

*Please note that these numbers are what we are currently able to find and the numbers may have changed since this listing.