What kind of Police Sirens are you looking for?

Police Sirens

Extreme Tactical Dynamics has served the first responder community since 2005 with high-quality, reliable police siren warning systems. Our robust 100 watt and 200 watt systems get your vehicle heard at a distance. We manufacture sirens for cars, trucks, motorcycles so you can emit the sound you need.

Sirens alert the public, pedestrians and other vehicles, of your approach before they see your emergency lights. By the time your vehicle arrives, they are out of the way so you can get your job done. A reliable siren is an essential component for your emergency vehicle.

Who Uses Our Emergency Vehicle Sirens

We are selective about our equipment. We do the due diligence for you. We find the manufacturers of the highest quality components. That’s why our combo packages, sirens, and mics put out the decibels you need to get noticed. Emergency vehicles outfitted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics perform day in and day out. Whether you’re on patrol or running Code 3, you can trust our systems to respond for you. Whatever your emergency siren needs, we have the solution.

Our sirens work for cops as well as other first responders. We can outfit fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks, security vehicles, and privately owned vehicles (POV). Know your needs, know your local regulations, then find your sirens at Extreme Tactical Dynamics.

Buy the Right Siren for Your Needs

Know your use needs before you decide to buy a siren. Our sirens come with everything from a simple toggle switch with basic functions to remote control handheld units that are interactive. These full-featured sirens with programmable buttons can even control your lights. If you need integration with a public announcement (PA) system, we’ve got you covered. Integrate your siren with zone lighting control for full control of your emergency warning system.

We want you to find exactly what you need, so we have some links to get you started.

Multifunctional Emergency and Police Vehicle Sirens

At ETD we know you may need multifunctional, all-in-one emergency and police vehicle sirens. A public address (PA) system comes standard on all of our units, and most of the units feature varying degrees of zone lighting control.

Our sirens use state-of-the-art technology. Backlit buttons help you control any lighting situations. Built-in MicroChip processors give you instant response.

Siren Types

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we know your specific job and your vehicle needs. One size does not fit all. Toggle your siren or get interactive. Use a controller or a handheld remote control. Whatever you need, we have the solution.

The Right Sound for The Right Situation

Our sirens emit standard wail and yelp sound, but you have more choices. Use a simulated air horn sound to get immediate attention. Our 200-watt sirens give you dual-tone. That’s two sounds emitting at once. Need to talk to the public? Check out our sirens combined with a Public Address (PA) system to speak to civilians. Whatever the tone and sound you want, we’ll meet your needs.

100 Watt Sirens

We have police vehicle standard 100-watt sirens. Solid and reliable these sirens meet regulatory standards. They are easy to install, and Extreme Tactical Dynamics is here to help you if you have any questions.

Select models give you three-position rocker switches to select between a siren wail, yelp, and phaser, or optional Two-Tone/HiLo siren tones with manual and air horn override. You have control over the sound to meet your situation.

Our sirens get you heard to alert the public and clear the way.

200 Watt Sirens

Our 200 watt sirens are loud. When you want to be heard for longer distance or in noisy environments, these powerful sirens do the job. The 200-watt siren speaker is made for use on police, fire, and EMS vehicles. All mounting equipment is included with purchase and is perfect for custom vehicle installs.

  • Clear sound output
  • 12V
  • Amplified output of 200-watts
  • Easy to install
  • Dual sound output

This is the siren that gets attention.

Stay Within The Law

While sirens are not illegal to own, using a siren on your vehicle can get you in trouble with the law. Check local laws and regulations before purchasing your new police siren., It’s possible for people to get into trouble if they incorrectly use the items, or are not allowed to use them. So, be sure you read up on the rules if you are not ordering for your department issued police vehicle, fire truck, or ambulance.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics

An industry leader since 2005, Extreme Tactical Dynamics has served the police and emergency vehicle community for vehicles of all types. Our police sirens provide reliable warning for service vehicles throughout the country. Our LED strobe lights meet or exceed all standard evaluations like SAE. We’ve served the police and emergency vehicle community for over 15 years. We know your needs and provide the siren and light solutions, for police cars, fire fighting vehicles, and ambulances, emergency vehicles or any vehicle you own.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics is SAM government-approved, and we’re set up to cover purchase orders for one vehicle or a fleet. Check your local light requirements with our outline of state statutes guide.

Get your police siren solutions from ETD. We’re here to help. If you have a question, contact us.

Make your choice with confidence in our years of service.

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