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What kind of Police Sirens are you looking for?

Police Sirens

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we offer emergency vehicle lights and police sirens for professionals and volunteers. Whether you are looking for a first-time powerful siren or one to add to a volunteer POV, our emergency vehicle sirens can be adapted to fit any application.  If you need to adjust the volume or flip on your warning lights from the same platform, we can help. To learn more about the sirens we offer, just take a look at our products.  You’ll find what you’re looking for!


Most areas have statutes and regulations that govern when sirens and emergency vehicle lights can be used, so make sure you know the rules of your state. The use of lights and sirens is almost always restricted to emergency vehicles and public works vehicles. For anyone not associated with these specific professions, ETD highly recommends that you research laws and regulations. That’s where we can help. We have a Knowledge Base that provides a lot of information concerning the legal use of sirens and emergency lights state by state. Be sure to check it out BEFORE you purchase a siren.

Police and Emergency Vehicle Sirens work with Emergency Lights

Whether you have a LED light bar, dash & deck lights, LED visor lights, or any other emergency vehicle lights on your car, truck, or motorcycle, you will want to synchronize the lights with one of ETD’s quality sirens. A combination of sirens and lights increase the chances that motorists and pedestrians will hear and see an emergency vehicle coming. Siren use in cities is quite different from highways and open space use. Ambient sound in cities often masks wailing sirens; that’s when flashing lights might be the first warning signal for motorists. Once a police vehicle is at an intersection, sirens help to clear heavy traffic and support the forward movement of an emergency vehicle. In open spaces, sirens can be heard from great distances, but even then, soundproof vehicles will keep the noise from warning the driver.

Questions About Customized Lights and Sirens?

When considering a siren setup, you could easily have a lot of questions. That’s when our skilled experts come in very handy. They know our products and they will quickly match our products with your needs. If you have any questions about our sirens or which option is right for your vehicle, we encourage you to contact us today by phone, through our Live Chat, or by using your favorite social media. Buying a siren is a bit tricky; let our trained customer service agents help you choose the right one.

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