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Maine Emergency Vehicle Light State Statutes

maine The use of emergency vehicle lights and sirens is governed by the legislature, specifically state statutes. To make buying LED lights and accessories easy for customers in Maine, we have gathered the state’s statutes and links to formal sources here.

Emergency Vehicle Defined by Maine State Statute

Maine’s state statute 2054(1) defines an emergency vehicle as any vehicle driven by the Attorney General, marine patrol, Department of Corrections, DPS, Fishery, HazMat, skate park officials, police, railroad, state police, and sheriffs.

Maine Police are Permitted to Use Blue or Blue and White Combination Lights

Police in Maine are permitted to use blue or blue and white combination lights under state statute. The statute does require that when police lights are used on law enforcement vehicles, the lights be installed as rear directional lights, strobe lights behind rear brakes, and backup lights.

Maine Ambulances and Fire Trucks May Use Red and Blue Emergency Lighting

main-state-flagAmbulances and fire trucks in Maine are allowed to use red and blue emergency lighting under state statute 2054.2 F(1). The statute requires that the ambulances and fire trucks in Maine may use one rear facing blue light and can also use red/white split combination lights.

Maine Wreckers and Tow Trucks are Allowed to Use Flashing Warning Lights

Maine wreckers and tow trucks are allowed to use flashing warning lights. Permission is granted to drivers of these vehicles under the same Maine emergency vehicle light state statute that allows police to use warning lighting in the state. According to the statute, when tow trucks or wreckers use warning lights within Maine’s borders, the lights must emit 360-degree visibility.

Pilot Cars in Maine have Amber Lighting Choices

Maine requires pilot car drivers to use amber warning lights, but offers many choices for how to create the lighting including rotating, flashing, or strobe options. If a light bar is not installed, an amber light must be mounted on the far right and far left of the vehicle.

For more information about what lights may be available to you, we suggest calling your State Highway Patrol office at: 207-626-3811

*Please note that these numbers are what we are currently able to find and the numbers may have changed since this listing.