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Navigator 80 Flood Light Off Road LED Light Bar

Navigator 80 Flood Light Off Road LED Light Bar

Model: [ ext_nav80F ]
$153.96   $255.96
$153.96   $255.96

About The Navigator 80 Flood Light Off Road LED Light Bar

The Navigator Series has flood light, spot light, and hybrid light bars that range in length from 8.75” to 51.75”. Each is designed with an equal number of LEDs stacked one on top the other. As more and more LEDs are added, only the length changes, the width remains just 3.75”! 80 brilliantly bright, daylight white CREE LEDs flood an area in a 120° spread, turning night into day. 14,400 Lumens makes sure you see EVERYTHING that needs to be seen wherever this bar is pointed. Flood light optics disperse the light, so you can stay safe while you’re having fun! Navigators are great OFF Road lights because the casings are made of die-cast aluminum, and the lenses are polycarbonate. These materials are tough, won’t dent, crack, or shatter and are impact resistant. All the lights in the series run on 10-30 volts and are pre-wired with 18’ power cords. If you’re looking for a super bright flood light this could be just the one you’re looking for. There’s only one that’s even brighter...the Navigator 100.


  • (80) Generation IV 3-Watt LEDs
  • Steady Burn 240 Watt Flood light (14,400 Lumens)
  • 120° Light Evenly Dispersed OFF-ROAD & ON
  • LONG, High Intensity Exterior Light Bar
  • Meets or Exceeds SAE J845 & J595 Standards
  • Meets or Exceeds California Title 13 Requirements
  • IP-67 Rating


  • 5 Year Warranty on All Emergency Vehicle Lighting Products*

Included in Box:

  • Navigator 80 Flood Light LED OFFRoad Light
  • Aluminum Mounting Bracket
  • 18’ Pre-wired Power Cord


41.75"L x 3.75"W x 3.5"D

A lot of light bars on the market might be the same lengths as the Navigators, but do they have CREE lights? Make sure you ask that question because CREEs make all the difference. They are extremely high quality, reliable, and super bright! White light measures 5000K on the light spectrum; the CREEs measure 6500K. ETD calls that color daylight white because it’s SUPER BRIGHT…and that’s exactly what you want when you’re driving OFF Road at night.