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Pioneer 6 Spot Light Off Road LED LightPioneer 6 Spot Light Off Road LED LightPioneer 6 Spot Light Off Road LED Light

Pioneer 6 Spot Light Off Road LED Light

Model: [ ext_p6spot ]
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$37.96   $74.96

About The Pioneer 6 Spot Light Off Road LED Light

The Pioneer 6 Spotlight will light up the path and show you the way through any terrain because this spotlight has powerful 18 watts. 6 Generation IV 3-watt LEDs are sheltered in a heavy-duty aluminum housing, and an almost indestructible polycarbonate lens is custom shaped to create a concentrated beam of light. Planning to drive through mud? Don’t worry about the ‘6’; the IP-67 rating guarantees that dirt or moisture won’t seep in. The Pioneer 6 comes prewired with a 12’ power cord, so is easy to hardwire to a switch; the light runs on 10-30 Volts. An adjustable, rust proof, stainless-steel bracket is included, so focus ‘the spot’ exactly where you want, straight down the middle or a little off-side; it will stay put. It’s perfect for any size motorized unit from a four-wheeler to a huge construction vehicle because it illuminates the area ‘way up the road’ that you’d be driving into. Stay safe with enough light!


  • (6) Generation IV 3-Watt LEDs
  • Steady Burn 18 Watt Bright Spotlight (1080 Lumens)
  • Concentrated High-Intensity Beam OFF-ROAD & ON
  • Multi-Placement Options on all Types of Motorized Vehicles
  • IP-67 Rating
  • Meets or Exceeds SAE J845 & J595 Standards
  • Meets or Exceeds California Title 13 Requirements


  • 5 Year Warranty on All Emergency Vehicle Lighting Products*

Included in Box:

  • Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket
  • 13" Prewired Power Cord


6.75"L x 1.5"W x 1.5"

With ETD’s great price, under $50, why not buy 2? You can mount one in the front, the other in the back, or put a pair facing forward. Having OFF-ROAD FUN is Great….but make sure you can always see where you’re going and see what’s ahead well in advance especially if you tend to go a little too fast!...and with the Pioneer 6 Spotlight you can. Don’t take any chances!....and Just remember: Clean the Mud off the Lens!