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Double L Mounting Bracket Stack

Double L Mounting Bracket Stack

Model: [ ext_B3brkt ]

About The Double L Mounting Bracket Stack

The Double L Bracket is just that...double. It holds two stacked lights. It’s the same arrangement as the Single L-Bracket with it’s L shaped design. There are two larger holes, one on top of the other that are deburred to put wires through. The ‘Double’ is made of durable, high grade aluminum that won’t bend and never rusts. The Stack is most commonly used to permanently mount exterior surface lights, but they can be used for the interior as well. There are 2 sets of pre-drilled holes on each side of the vertical plate to mount the lights. The base plate also have predrilled holes making it easy to attach the base of the Double L Stack to the surface. If you want to put your lights one on top of the other, the Double L Stack Bracket is just what you need.


  • Sturdy Surface Mount Bracket
  • Rust Resistant Aluminum
  • Pre-drilled Holes

Included in Box:

  • Double L-Bracket Stack

Sometimes it’s handy to have your lights mounted close to each other. With the Double Stack or Double Side by Side you can do just that.