What kind of Mounting Brackets are you looking for?

Mounting Brackets

Mounting Brackets for Emergency Vehicle Lights

When you’re running a Code Blue, you sure don’t want your lights to ‘jiggle!’ That’s where the right bracket can make a whole lot of difference. Almost all of our LED emergency lights come with the brackets included, but there are times when you want to customize a setup or add a third party light, so you might need to buy an ‘extra’ one. We have several different designs which will hold single or multiple lights tight and secure, that swivel up to 180°, and that are for the interior or exterior of your vehicle.

Mounting Brackets for LED Emergency Vehicle Lighting

All mounting brackets from Extreme Tactical Dynamics are made of heavy-grade aluminum, have pre-drilled, deburred holes and are made for temporary or permanent placement. Some come with triangular swivel construction with suctions cups for multiple positioning around the interior; others are the regular L-shaped brackets that hold 1 to 4 lights, and others are modifications of this traditional design with more specialized options. We also offer an entire fog light mounting kit or just the bracket. We’ve got the right bracket for any LED warning light installations.

How to Choose the Right Bracket

Pre-planning your emergency light arrangement will help you decide how many mounting brackets you will need to accomplish ‘the look’ you want! Don’t underestimate the planning stage of the installation process; it’s crucial! Do you want a single light on your vehicle, or multiple? Do you want it permanently in place, or do you want to just pop it on and off and move it around? Do you want the lights in pairs around the interior and/or exterior? Answer these questions and you’ll be well on your way to selecting the mounting brackets that you need to customize your professional unit or POV.

We Stand Behind our Products

Remember that we want to make your emergency light experience a good one from selection to installation, and we’re ‘right here’ to make that happen. Contact us on your favorite social media, or live chat with us on our website if you’d like help in selecting the right lighting option or want us to make some suggestions. We have a whole lot of experience helping our customers plan their emergency light setups, and we are always ready to answer any questions!