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B4 Quad Mounting Bracket

B4 Quad Mounting Bracket

Model: [ ext_b4q ]

About The B4 Quad Mounting Bracket

Mount 4 lights very close to each other with the B4 4 Head Mounting Bracket: 2 one of top of the other and 2 side by side. It has 4 large oblong holes that equidistant from the sides, and 8 sets of smaller predrilled holes to mount the lights with screws. The Quad easily fits on push bumpers or other exterior flat surfaces, but is a headliner mount as well. The B4 has an L-shape with one side perpendicular to the other. It’s made of strong, high-tech aluminum that doesn’t rust and is perfect for all-weather conditions. Get creative with the B4 bracket and configure your lights anyway you want to by mixing different styles of lights together.


  • Multi-Light Head Mounting Bracket
  • Rust Resistant Aluminum
  • Pre-drilled Holes

Included in Box:

  • B4 4 Head Mounting Bracket

This versatile bracket can be used on the ceiling as a headliner mount, or combine it with other L-brackets: the B4 with the Double Side by Side or with the Double Stack or even with the Single. Your light setup can be very different from everyone else’s on the team.