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Headliner Mounting Bracket

Headliner Mounting Bracket

Model: [ ext_B10brkt ]

About The Headliner Mounting Bracket

Extreme Tactical Dynamics offers its customers the practical, 2-piece headliner bracket to mount your lights at the ceiling level of your emergency vehicle. One part is stationary, the second has a swivel plate, so you can adjust the light to the exact level that you want it to shine out through the front or back windows. It’s made of high-grade aluminum that won’t rust. Anchor your interior lights with this headliner, and they will stay in place no matter how much you weave through traffic, stop and start, regardless of how fast you go.


  • 2 Piece Heavy-Duty Bracket
  • High-Grade Aluminum
  • Mount at Ceiling Level

Included in Box:

  • Headliner Bracket (2 Pieces)