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License Plate Mounting Bracket
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About The License Plate Mounting Bracket

Light up your license plate by using this bracket to mount the lights so they illuminate the numbers and letters. The heavy-duty black aluminum bracket will stay in place as you chase around corners or zig and zag through traffic to get to your emergency destination. The versatile license plate bracket gives you two ways to mount the lights, both vertical and horizontal. The 3 part system is rust proof and durable. It has oblong holes for easy licence plate mounting, and smaller holes to attach the ‘wings’ to the main frame. The lights are mounted on the ‘wings.’


  • Vertical/Horizontal Light Placement
  • Rust-Proof Aluminum

Included in Box:

  • License Plate Bracket (3 Parts)

Staying well lit so you’ll be seen is of the highest importance; this includes lighting up the license plate on your patrol car or SUV.

Very useful piece of equipment! Makes installation of lights a breeze. The bracket bolts between the frame and tag of your vehicle using existing tag screws. Grill lights are bolted to the two individual pieces and then to the bracket itself in either a horizontal or vertical configuration.

Rated by David

great piece of equipment. put a set of undercover 8s on it and it looks great. makes instillation a breeze. the only problem i see is that it is not wide enough. i put the lights going down the side of the bracket and the lights cover some of the numbers on my license plate. i can do some tweaking and fix that though.

Rated by creg

This bracket is the best way to install led lighting to your license plate for more warning power!! I installed this bracket on my pilot truck for more rear end protection out on the highways.i feel a lot safer knowing i have more warning power behind the truck.

Rated by Ray

The bracket itself it coated in a black textured coating that makes it hold up in the weather great. Installation was easy I changed the screws with some from the local hardware store. I have a 09 Black Charger just like pictured in the video. Same light heads as well.

Rated by elmer