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Mega Power Switch Box For Emergency Vehicle Lighting

Mega Power Switch Box For Emergency Vehicle Lighting

Model: [ ext-sw-mega ]

About The Mega Power Switch Box For Emergency Vehicle Lighting

The ‘Mega Power Switch’ is a heavy duty, good size power supply. It has 6 switches for 6 different light setups. There is an independent circuit breaker with 20 amps for each switch. You’ll find just the label you need to mark each light switch from the 40 options on the included label sheet; some are: Light Bar LED, Front Flash, Strobe Lights, and Visor Light. Color coded 18 gauge wires make wiring to each light setup quick and easy. The fuses are on the back of the box.


  • Heavy Duty 6-Switch Power Supply
  • Multiple Placement Options
  • 18 Gauge Wires


  • 2 Year Limited Warranty on Components*

Included in Box:

  • Mega Power Switch
  • Swivel Bracket (Attached)
  • 8 Prewired 18 Gauge Wires
  • Label Sheet

We are right here to help you wire your lights to the Mega Power Switch; just contact us on our website or through one of our social networks if you run into any problems. We have a specialized customer service department; we’ll connect you with just the right person. Extreme Tactical Dynamics wants to help its customers in any way possible. Check out the Knowledge Base section on our site. You’ll find a lot of interesting information that will help you in the selection of lights for your POV or professional vehicle.


ETD Mega Power Switch Dimensions