What kind of Control Switch Boxes are you looking for?

Control Switch Boxes

Switch Boxes and Control Panels

The RIGHT Switch is crucial when managing a high-performance, complex array of lights, sirens, and speakers. And...you’ll find just what you need right here! It’s true that having a phenomenal light and siren setup is a high priority of every first-responder, but few give switches a second thought. Think of the console of your vehicle as the command center where ‘it all goes down!’ Using the right controls will determine how well a whole operation is maximized, giving you the most light and best sound output possible. It’s time to look at switches in a WHOLE NEW WAY!

Emergency Vehicle Lights and Siren Switch boxes and Control Panels

ETD has basic single toggle back-lit switches that can power up to 6 surface lights, all the way up to customized digital control panels that manage multi-unit setups. Some have momentary pattern control buttons, some come with labels, others have amber light traffic advisor indicators; all are wired with 18 gauge color-coded wires. Always mount switches at arm’s length for quick operation, and keep them out of the sun. Some are made of aluminum, others of polycarbonate, but one thing is for sure...they are durable and reliable and will hold up even under heavy use.

How to Choose a Switch Box

Pre-think the layout of the console. You want it functional, efficient, and easy to use when seconds count! Selecting just the right combination switch you’ll need to control your setup is the first step. Ask yourself: Is it 1 switch for 6 lights...or 6 switches for 6 separate functions? Should you choose a switch that is backlit only when you turn it on, or one that’s black lit all the time making it perfect for nighttime use because each option is easy to identify? We’ve got toggle, momentary switches, and high-tech digital ones, too. Some control traffic and show the signals and flash patterns, in addition to operational switches. Browse our product line and visualize which one will be the best for your setup.

We Stand Behind Our Products If you have trouble figuring this out, contact our customer service department; we’ll be glad to sort you out! Our qualified, highly-informed service personnel are experts at equipping all kinds of different vehicles, including police cruisers and motorcycles, fire trucks, and security POVs. They will help and advise you towards selecting the right switch box. If you hit a snag, we advise on installations, too. We’re easy to find on your favorite social media or on our website. Don’t hesitate to contact us.