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Mini Power Switch Box For Emergency Vehicle Lighting

About The Mini Power Switch Box For Emergency Vehicle Lighting

The new “Mini” switch from ETD can operate multiple lightheads. The plastic three-part switch has two backlit switches and a momentary pattern control button. The black (ground) and red wires coming off the switch connect to the battery; be sure to add an in-line fuse. The 15’ power cable (included) has 3 wires: the 1-2 Switch (red wire) connects 2 lights mounted in the front, the 3-6 Switch (black wire) connects 4 lights mounted in the back of your vehicle, and the white wire is the pattern changer which is wired to all the pattern momentary wires.


  • Operates 6 Lightheads
  • Backlit Switches
  • Flash Pattern Control
  • Durable Plastic Case


  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

Included in Box:

  • Black Plastic Control Box
  • 8 Pre-wired 18 Gauge Wires with Plug
  • 15’ Cable
  • 6 Fuses

We have several different kinds of switches with different features. One will be just right. The Mini-Switch is one of the simplest and easiest to wire that we have available. Contact us on our website or through a social network if you need help. Our team is ready to answer any questions.