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PAR 36 Fog Light Mounting Kit

PAR 36 Fog Light Mounting Kit

Model: [ ext_P36-FM ]

About The PAR 36 Fog Light Mounting Kit

If you want to put the Par 36 into the fog light niche of your POV, then you’ll need to purchase this kit, and follow these simple directions: a) put the gasket into the fog light hole, b) then add the plate, c) screw the extenders to the plate so the fog light is not recessed, finally d) screw the fog light to the extenders. Some of our customers finish off the installation by adding the customized Par 36 Mount Bracket, others do not. It’s totally up to you whether you want to or not, but it’s not required to do so. The aluminum and rubber gasket hold the light firmly in place; the aluminum extenders lift the light making it flush with the surface.


  • Transform Par 36 Lights to Fog Lights
  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Aluminum Components

Included in Box:

  • Par 36 Fog Light Kit
  • Metal Plate with Raised Screws
  • Rubber Gasket
  • 4 Aluminum Extenders

The Par 36 Lights make perfect fog lights. With the Mounting Kit, it’s so easy to install them; the brilliant amber beans will penetrate dense fog and keep you safe when you’re out there in all kinds of weather.