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Single L Mounting Bracket

Single L Mounting Bracket

Model: [ ext_B1_1 ]

About The Single L Mounting Bracket

The single L-bracket gives you multiple placement options for a single light on the surface of your POV or professional emergency unit. The black L-bracket is made of tough aluminum that won’t bend or break even under strenuous use. The smooth deburred hole in the middle of the horizontal plate is for the wires to fit through, so the light fits flush with the bracket. The predrilled holes made it easy to attach the light, and can be used to mark the spot for the metal screws.


  • Sturdy Surface Mount Bracket
  • Rust Resistant Aluminum
  • Pre-drilled Holes

Included in Box:

  • Single L-Bracket

You want to make sure that your lights stay securely in place as you race around doing your job. The dependable L-bracket will keep them right where you mounted them, keeping you well lit and safe both on and off the road. This bracket will fit most of our popular Undercover and Hornet Surface Mount Light series.