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Swivel Mounting Bracket

Swivel Mounting Bracket

Model: [ ext_B5 ]

About The Swivel Mounting Bracket

The swivel bracket allows you to angle a light. It’s made of durable aluminum, so it won’t rust or tarnish. Position a light exactly where you want it to shine with the swivel bracket. There is a large hole in the middle of each part for the wires. Smaller pre-drilled holes are conveniently located to attach the light to the bracket and the bracket to the surface. The swivel bracket is great for the side of push bumpers to angle the light, or position them inside the trunk to shine out when it trunk is opened.


  • Multiple Positioning Angles
  • Rust-Resistant Aluminum
  • Pre-drilled, Deburred Holes

Included in Box:

  • Swivel Bracket

When you’re never quite sure where you’ll need to shine a light, put it on the swivel bracket and you’ll be able to adjust the light to the position and level that you require as emergency situations change from moment to moment.