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Plan ahead and buy the emergency vehicle lighting accessories you’ll need to do the installations that you’re planning way before you need them. If you’re a DIY person, then it makes perfect sense to buy the basics, accessories that you’ll ALWAYS want at hand, in advance, ready whenever you get ‘the itch’ to do a little wiring.

Red 18 Gauge Primary Power Wire
Black 18 Gauge Primary Ground Wire
Yellow 18 Gauge Primary Pattern Change Wire
White 18 Gauge Primary Sync Wire
4 Inch Black Cable Ties (10 Pack)
8 Inch Cable Ties (10 Pack)
Red 18-22 Guage Butt Connector (10 Pack)
Blue 14-16 Gauge Butt Connecter (10 Pack)
Yellow 10-12 Gauge Butt Connecter (10 Pack)
Quarter Inch Black Wire Loom (Split Loom)

Accessories and Wiring for Emergency Vehicle Light Projects and Installations

We supply 18 gauge AWG (American Wire Gauge) wire for your vehicle installation projects; it comes in red, black, yellow, and white. Buy the minimum (2’) or get a whole roll from us, so you’ll always have extra on hand. We also sell red, white, and yellow 18-22 Gauge Butt connectors and 2 sizes of wire cables in packs of 10. Use our black wire looms of 1/4” to 1/2” to keep your wires well managed instead of looking like a bowl of spaghetti.

Unsure of what you might need for your car or truck installation? Read up on how to install the light or siren you are buying from one of our Emergency light installation guides. Still have a question? Call or contact us with your question. We will help you get the information you need to purchase with confidence.

And always REMEMBER to make sure all your wires are clearly away from any heat source!