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LED Police Lights by Extreme Tactical Dynamics: September Specials

Extreme Tactical Dynamics is your #1 source for LED Police Lights, Light Bars, Emergency Vehicle Lighting, LED Dash Lights, Police Lights and more. We are serving all First Responders needs on a daily basis. Try all of our Generation III LED Police Lights and also look at our new line of Linear 1 Optic LED Lights and Police Lights. --> read more ...

US ARMY Hummer
LED Police Lights
LED Police Lights
Front and Rear
Dodge Hemi
LED Police Lights
Undercover 8
Under Cover 12
LED Dual


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LED Dash Lights

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What are Extreme Tactical Dynamics LED Police Lights and Light Bars?

It is only the very best source for Emergency Vehicle LED Lighting, LED Police Lights, Light Bars, Police Lights, Police Strobe Lights, LED Strobe Lights, Police Car Sirens - and more that make us the first responder's first choice!

We were sickened by first responders, many being volunteers having to pay a ridiculous price for Emergency Vehicle Lighting and Light Bars. So we opened our own store and Web site. We are able to offer such low prices on our LED Police Lights and our LED Dash Lights because we became a master importer.

We work directly with the manufacturers to design our high quality LED Emergency Lighting. By doing this we are able to trim a lot of the as we call it "FAT" off of the prices we offer. We do not believe in charging you more for your LED Dash Lights or Light Bars simply because you only want 1 or simply because you want a certain color.

This is how the other companies add more "Fat" to their bottom lines. We do not believe in it and do not engage in it. We offer you the best quality and best prices you will find on Emergency Vehicle Lighting, Police Lights and Light Bars. We are on our way to becoming the leader in the market place.

We are currently serving many departments and agencies throughout the U.S.