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Customer Videos

In this section of our Knowledge Base, we give our customers a place to ‘strut their stuff!’ ETD has a whole lot of satisfied clients who have sent us their ‘demo’ videos that show how they have installed our lights on their vehicles.  Some installations are standard, but some are quite creative, turning their POV’s into first-class, high visibility first-responder units! We have lots of product videos throughout our website, but the videos that you’ve taken the time to send to us are THE BEST because they show how YOU, our customers, have mounted our lights in ways that help you get the job done right!
We’ve got five categories more or less arranged according to placement on your personal unit, but in some cases, the divisions are not so clear cut.  Take the Chameleon 6 TIR Dual Color Traffic Advisor.  It’s a strobing Code Blue light bar that can be mounted inside on the dash or deck and outside on the roof of your vehicle, too, because it’s 100% waterproof, but it’s also a traffic advisor that flashes amber.  So where does it go?  That’s the slight problem with our wide selection of videos; there is a whole lot of overlapping of categories, and you’ll see why as soon as you take a good look at the them. Our multi-purpose, multi-placement lights are versatile and multi-functional, so they can’t be categorized in just one section.

Once you’ve bought one of our emergency vehicle lights, you’ll naturally want more especially when you compare our prices with those of our competitors.  So, you’ll see Dash and Deck Lights combined with Hideaways or Surface Mount Lights with our Mini Bars.  There are so many possible combinations and set-ups for our emergency lights that it’s impossible to combine them all, but keep those videos coming, so we can add them to our ever-growing collection.  ETD can’t get enough of you showing off our products in their best light! Send your Videos to : etd.customerservice@gmail.com

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