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What Volunteer Firefighters Need to Know Before Buying LED Emergency Lights

Many volunteer firefighters want to buy an LED light bar as soon as they become a member of a department. We understand, it’s exciting.Volunteers are eager to serve their community and want equipment that will help them get to calls as quickly as…


What’s it like to be a Volunteer Firefighter?

Volunteer firefighters are found in small and large communities across the US. People like you and me count on volunteers to fulfill essential duties. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that near 70-percent of firefighters take on this responsibility in a volunteer role.…


Drones allow Firefighters to train better and save lives faster

By now, everyone has heard the term drone. Whether watching the news and seeing how the military uses this technology or people watching at the park, you’ve probably learned a few things about these unmanned aerial vehicles. But, have you ever considered how…



First Responders, those who ‘run to a disaster and who help everyone get through it,’ have a long history of giving back to their communities. What better time than during the Holiday Season for them to build lasting bonds with those they serve.…


Blazing Infernos – California, Oct. 2017

What do you do when you have minutes to get out of your home because a wildfire is rampaging towards you? What do you take when seconds could mean life or death? Where do you go when there’s ZERO containment, the air is…


Hurricane Harvey: A Tribute to First Responders

Photo of an Airboat used in the Houston Rescue Efforts

Introduction: The National First Responders Organization defines a first responder as any individual who runs toward an event rather than away.   In most cases this select group is made up of police officers, firefighters, EMS, and the trained volunteers of each of these…


Firefighter Delivers Baby and Later Adopts Her

Every adoption story is different, and some are more memorable than others. Five years ago, a Myrtle Beach firefighter-EMT delivered a baby girl in the back of an ambulance. Two days after that, Firefighter Marc Hadden and his wife, Beth, adopted that same…


10 Tips to Recruit Volunteer Firefighters in 2017

Recruiting brave men and women to risk their lives while protecting their community might seem like a great job, but when you throw in that it’s a volunteer position, it may be difficult to convince some to join. So, how do you get…


Safe Haven Baby Surrender Boxes to be Installed in Indiana Hospitals

As of 2008, every state in the US has Safely Surrendered Baby Laws. Sometimes called, a Safe Haven Law, this statute allows a parent to securely and privately surrender a baby without the risk of criminal charges. Expectant mothers and mothers in general…


The 10 Best Emergency Vehicle Parades in the United States

Does the wail from a firetruck get your attention anytime you hear one? Do your kids drop whatever they are doing and stare at a patrol car with police lights flashing and emergency sirens blaring? If so, you need to see an emergency…

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