2020 Most Popular Vehicle Emergency Lights 

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Apr 21st 2020

ETD (Extreme Tactical Dynamics) is one of the largest suppliers of Emergency Vehicle Lights to first responders, which we have been for the past fifteen years. We are a trusted source for a variety of emergency services, including police, firefighters, government/military and federal professionals, corporate vendors, and all sorts of personnel both rural and urban. Our emergency vehicle lights are manufactured with the very highest standards, always under warranty, and will always meet and even exceed current operating safety codes. We are the number one supplier for emergency vehicle lights no matter whether you are outfitting one vehicle or an entire fleet. Products we offer include the strobe light bar, police car light bar, LED firefighter light bar, off-road lights, strobe light bar for trucks and so much more. 

LED Lighting such as emergency light bars has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among emergency personnel, military, and more. LED is more visible, brighter, and the preferred choice for most emergency vehicles these days. Our wide selection contains the best LED emergency vehicle lighting products you can buy. From visor lights, to strobe lights, mini lights, and everything in between, we have the perfect product for your team, unit or agency, guaranteed. 

Each individual team knows the best lighting option for their vehicle. We strive to always provide a wide variety of products to our customers that will work with their specific vehicle, according to their own specific needs. Whether you need a lighting product that is extremely bright, offers a variety of flashing patterns or colors such as the blue led light bar, or allows you to go undercover with an interior light bar, we’ve got the lights for you. 

Extreme Tactical Dynamics has been working since 2005 to provide emergency personnel with the very best in emergency vehicle lighting, police sirens, ambulance siren, fire truck siren, and more. We are an authorized government supplier of both emergency lights and sirens, and supply multiple departments and government agencies across the United States. We strive to always provide the best in customer service, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff who will go above and beyond. We are backed by thousands of 5-star reviews that illustrate not only the quality of our lighting products but our excellent customer service and reputation. We are, as always, backed by top of the line warranties and patents that are designed to keep you, our valued customer, safe and satisfied. 

We will happily provide you and your team with a wide variety of emergency vehicle lights no matter what your specific needs are. Give us a call for a friendly, expert member of our staff to guide you through the entire process of choosing your emergency vehicle lights. With thousands of options, color and pattern styles, and more, you’ll be spoiled for choice for the best emergency lighting for you. 

Below, we will outline a few of our most popular emergency vehicle light and warning light bar products for 2020. 

Full Size Light Bars

ETD is a leader in the emergency led light bar market, and we proudly offer a wide variety of LED light bars, including visor light bars, regular full size light bars, a small led light bar, traffic advisors, interior/exterior LED light bars, off-road LED light bars, work and scene lighting, and more. 

We offer light bars in a variety of wattages, whether you’re in need of 60 watts, 80 watts, or more. Our lights are ultra-bright, have a variety of pulsating patterns and are totally waterproof. Choose whatever color you need, and choose from a variety of invisible or not-easily-seen options. They are perfect as an emergency light bar for trucks, police car or other emergency vehicle. 

Our lights are made with heavy-gauge aluminum and sealed with industrial-grade epoxy; always safe and secure. The sleek design accommodates efficient airflow and therefore do not drag on the system the way other lights do. There’s various options to choose from for plugins and control boxes, and are easily mounted with gutter brackets. You can choose your own color options/combinations, including popular colors such as red, blue led light bar, white, amber and green, a yellow light bar as well as multiple flash pattern options with pattern memory. 

Full size light bars are a very popular choice among emergency personnel because they are such powerful lights, are long lasting, and work well in poor visibility conditions such as rain or snow. While a shorter, less bright bar will work fine, these take you the extra mile.

In addition to full size light bars, we also offer a small LED light bar and mini LED light bars in a variety of options, also with various color and pattern choices and the very best in quality materials. These come with a choice of 20+ flashing patterns as well as the usual popular colors, such as red, blue, green and amber. 

The small LED light bar is often chosen for emergency vehicles such as police cars, trucks, SUVs, fire trucks, EMS vehicles, and more. They can also be used on security vehicles, ATVs, snow plows, and so on. Basically whatever you need the led warning light bar for!

LED Visor Lights

ETD offers a large selection of LED visor light bars and other cheap emergency visor lights

Visor Lights are unique as a police led light bar because they offer intense light output with multiple flash pattern options, but they aren’t visible, due to the mount strap visors or custom visor brackets. These unique features make LED visors perfect undercover lights. They are quick and easy to install and give you instant light with that added bonus of invisibility. Many undercover personnel have reported being extremely happy with these lights. 

Among the great visor LED light products we offer are blaze visor lights, the Stealth Commander, and more. 

Our wide range of products run in various sizes from 13” to 17” and can produce from 33 to 90 watts. With easy to reach controls on the back of the light and easy plugin options, these will be a snap to use. 

One great option is the Blaze 13” Eagle Eye, which boasts a takedown light in the middle of the bar. Takedown lights are also an option on some of our longer LED lights, but it’s a standard feature on the Blaze product. 

These are a great option for the person who wants a lot of light but doesn’t want a great deal of emergency lights visible around their unit. Our 17” Stealth Commander is 90 watts that shine from both driver and passenger side, offering almost as much light as a full light bar, but without a permanent install. You can take them from vehicle to vehicle easily. 

We Stand Behind Our Superior Products

These bright, brilliant police visor lights come in all sorts of sizes and price-points. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team can go over the various options, including LED visor light bars and more, to help you find the perfect light for your particular vehicle. Many of our options provide as much light as a full size light bar, but are much smaller and more compact. All of this, without having to bother with a permanent installation; well that’s total convenience. 

LED Dash Lights

ETD offers myriad options for LED Dash Lights. Both our Dash and Deck Interior LED lights boast a powerful output and are guaranteed to last for up to 100,000 hours. Like most of our lights, they are easy to install and can fit pretty much anywhere on your vehicle. With suction-cup brackets and cigarette light power, as well as control switches, they are easy to install and dismount, then reinstall in a flash. 

These lights have a variety of placement position options as well as multiple hi/lo options and flash patterns to choose from. LED Dash Lights also come in a variety of sizes, from 6” to 40” and everything in between. They come in a variety of wattage as well, all of which have a clear, visible intensity and can be color customized and more. Housings are made of indestructible material and have removable and adjustable flashback shields to protect your eyes. 

These lights are great for heavy-duty emergency vehicles, as they are durable, and made with the very best materials. 

If you’re looking for something more permanent, and don’t wish to uninstall/reinstall, then visor lights might be a better option for you (see description above). 

Surface Mount Lights (Strobe Lights)

Strobe Lights, including hideaway strobe lighting, are considered one of the more popular emergency vehicle lighting options because they are totally concealed, similar to visor strobe lights. These lights are virtually undetectable in headlights and tail lights until you switch them on. Once switched on, these lights are rapid-flashing, bright, and able to be seen at a very far distance. Enjoy 18 different flashing patterns, with memory and circuit board flashers. These strobe lights are very small and compact, but are extremely bright, powerful and strong. These are perfect for anyone undercover who needs lights that are totally concealed but pack a punch when the time is right. 

These are some of our smallest ever lights. There’s a reason these are considered the perfect light for undercover agents who have often been impressed by the output of these brilliant strobe lights, as well as that of the hideaway strobe light. While many of our other emergency lighting products are great for undercover, these are by far the most popular. 

Hideaway strobe lights also come in strobe packages, containing four or six lights, which are cost-effective and convenient. Here at ETD, we’re glad to pass on these savings with package deals like this, because they allow you to better equip yourself with an emergency light setup. These are a great deal for any outfit that has a large number of vehicles to equip with lighting, because it’s such a great deal!

Hideaway strobe lights are durable and safe, with polycarbonate housings and lenses, making them virtually indestructible. They are also totally waterproof and include rubber gaskets for permanent mounting, with color-coded wires for easy install. They’re hardwired, and can be synced up with at least 20 other units. 

Mini strobe lights can be used for emergency vehicles such as police cars, trucks, SUVs, fire trucks, EMS vehicles, and more, as well as other types of vehicles such as security vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, and other utility vehicles and smaller vehicles. Pretty much whatever you wish to use it for. 

We Stand Behind Our Products

No matter what type of emergency vehicle lighting you choose, you’re getting an added bonus with your purchase: the best service team money can buy, great warranties to guarantee your safety and satisfaction, and the very best selection you can find. We are extremely proud of our products and are thrilled to offer you, your agency, department and/or team excellent emergency vehicle lighting, sirens and more for affordable prices with the very best in quality. 

Our website is an exhaustive database for the emergency lighting products we offer, with detailed descriptions, installation details, price information, a blog, and so much more. We also carry police sirens, ambulance sirens, fire truck sirens, and mounting accessories.

Please visit our knowledge base section to find out more about the products we offer, installation guides, the various options we offer for each product, and more. You can also find our guide to every state’s emergency light regulations, a helpful guide that you can locate quickly and easily to check your own specific state’s qualifications. 

Our high-quality emergency lighting products always meet or exceed California requirements, as well as SAE guidelines, the International IP-67 standard, and more. We happily honor industry warranties and we are always happy to talk with you about our lights, policies, warranties, and so much more. You can visit our “About Us” section on the website to check out our wide variety of products, read more about the lights we offer, and peruse our employee database and find out more about our highly qualified and knowledgeable team of friendly staff. 

And as always, you can give us a call, shoot us an email or hit us up on CHAT (as well as find us on social media!) if you have any questions, concerns, need help with install, or just want to chat to us about our favorite topic: emergency lights! At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we can’t wait to hear from you and help you pick out your lights.

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