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Chameleon 8 LIN Dual Color Traffic Advisor


The LED Chameleon Traffic Advisor from Extreme Tactical Dynamics sure packs a punch!

This unit is designed to run in code mode and at the touch of a button change the color of the LEDs in the unit to amber and put the unit into directional mode.


Your department uses red/blue on their vehicles. You are running code to the scene of an accident in full blown code 3 mode. The chameleon is flashing in red/blue. You get on scene and need to tell the traffic to go left. You press a button on the controller and the actual LED's themselves change temperature and your chameleon changes color to amber and starts telling the traffic to go left in amber.

So now you can have the best of both worlds, you can run code in your dept. colors and as soon as you press the directional button the LEDs change themselves to amber and go straight into the directional mode.

What do you get in your Chameleon Traffic Advisor?

  • 32 3-Watt Chameleon LEDs inside the unit
  • Wiring to go from the control panel to the rear of the unit.
  • Digital control panel with many functions also telling you what current pattern you are on.
  • The unit comes with multiple patterns for you to choose from
  • The directional modes also offer multiple choices for you to choose from.
  • Dual color traffic advisor
  • Easily switches from code lights to amber directional lights
  • Meets and exceeds SAE safety standards
  • 3-watt LED bulbs
  • Water-resistant LED modules
  • Two screw lamp replacement
  • 30 different flash patterns
Chameleon LED Traffic Advisor Dimension

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This light is by far the brightest light i have put on my vehicle. I highly recommend this light to anybody looking for a 2 in 1 light that shines like any other. I usually buy my lights from a larger online company and was worried about ETD but after i got this light and installed it, its the only place ill buy my lights!

Rated by Eric

This light has raised the standard in light head capabilities multiple color heads should now be in all lights this bar is awesome.

Rated by Vernon

Pros: Everything! Cons: Nothing! What can I say really, this light has everything, built in directional traffic advisor, installed in the back window of my tow truck with no problems, and lets me do blue/amber to all amber in one system. Awesome and sturdy. Glad I bought it.

Rated by Kris

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