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Digital Power Switch Box For Emergency Vehicle Lighting
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About The Digital Power Switch Box For Emergency Vehicle Lighting

When the Digital Power Switch is turned ON, you can see where the 6 switches are in the dark. It’s perfect for nighttime use because each switch lights up white when the power is turned on, and red when the switch is pressed. You can customize the Digital Power Switch by putting the specific label from the sheet with the name of the light system under each switch. Some options are: Light Bar, Grille LED, Left Alley, Deck Lights, Master Switch, Visor Light...just to name of few of the 40 options. Each set can draw up to 15 amps and comes with an in-line fuse. The panel is made of high-tech, durable plastic. It has 8 pre-wired 18 gauge wires which are attached.


  • High-End 6-Switch Power Controller
  • Perfect for Nighttime Duty
  • Draws up to 15 Amps
  • 18 Gauge Wires


  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

Included in Box:

  • Digital Power Switch
  • Label Sheet

Our customers really like the streamline design of the Digital Power Switch and tell us it’s easy to install. They are extremely satisfied with it because it can be customized with labels and doesn’t take up a lot of room. Compare the Digital to other switch controllers, and you’ll quickly see what everyone is talking about.


ETD Digital Power Switch Dimension

If you want a sleek and nice switch box, that is cheaper than all the other bulk ones - this is the one. You can put custom titles on each switch; and this is extremely easy to install. I ordered this.. and could amost swear it was hear the next day. ETD is a great company that values fast shipping and great customer service.

Rated by Robert

GREAT switch box it powers everything that i have on my truck. I will never own a different switch box as long as i have strobes on my truck.

Rated by Chris

alwsome swtich box. easy to wire up and mount and the shiping was very fast

Rated by chris

This box is GREAT. For a beginner this box was easy to install.

Rated by James