What kind of Siren Speakers are you looking for?

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ETD has high quality 100-Watt police siren speakers which, when coupled with the right emergency or police lights and siren setup, create a formidable First Responder System. Superior siren speaker technology enables emergency vehicles to warn motorists and pedestrians, to move traffic, and to get to calls quickly. Response and rescue first-responder vehicles, fire trucks, and construction machinery need speakers that are durable, dependable, and LOUD! We at ETD know that’s what you’re looking for!

Need a new Siren Speaker?

When buying a siren speaker separately, remember, however, that compatibility with the rest of the system is crucial for maximum performance.  ETD offers siren bundles which include all of the ‘right’ components if you are in doubt about correct wattages and compatibility.   Installing a full sound system with a siren speaker and adding LED emergency lights could be a daunting process for the inexperienced DIY buff.  Intricate wiring and complex connections could easily be too much for the novice; therefore, ETD recommends hiring a EVT for these types of complex jobs.

Remember that siren speaker installation can affect the overall sound of the system if done incorrectly.  There’s a lot to consider when pairing sound system elements like the higher the wattage, the more power you can expect. But, a high wattage speaker won’t matter if you don’t have the right siren amplifier.  That’s why the right siren speaker must be purchased.

ETD’s police car siren speakers are tough and can take a lot of rough treatment because they are made of industrial grade aluminum, not plastic, and if they aren’t aluminum, they are constructed of neodymium steel which is corrosion resistant.  Many of our competitors use plastic.  Be SURE TO CHECK!  Both compact and full size speakers are available, and both types meet the Class A Sound Output Requirement.  The four choices range in price from $58.49 to $89.96, and each comes with a substantial savings. ETD has police sirens and many, many emergency vehicle lights for sale.

Customer Service at ETD

Our website also has customer videos and photos of police car lights that our many delighted customers have sent to us.  But if you still need some help after consulting the guide just contact our highly trained, always friendly, customer service team if you have a problem or any questions.  ETD is ready to aid you in anyway we can.  Contact us through your favorite social media, we’re there, or chat with us on our website!