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ET-20 TIR LED Dash or Deck Light Wiring and Installation Guide

ET-20 LED Installation

Installing the ET-20 Dash Light is a fairly quick and simple process. The functionality of this emergency light is dependent on proper installation. With this in mind, we recommend you have the ET-20 dash light installed by a certified EVT. Follow the instructions below for wiring and installation, and make sure to keep these instructions for reference during re-installation or maintenance.

Instructions to Mount the ET-20 Dash Light

  • Install suction cups in mounting brackets
  • Clean glass on install area
  • Wet suction cups (helps create a tight seal)
  • Attach suction cups
  • Check to see if light is level
  • Re-apply suction cups until light is level
  • Plug in cigarette lighter plug
  • Power light on

ET-20 Dash Light Power Switch Wiring Instructions

  • Remove factory installed cigarette lighter plug
  • Locate light’s red and black wires
  • Attach red wire (+) to switch box
  • Ground black wire to negative battery terminal or a chassis ground.
  • Turn light on

ET-20 Dash Light Troubleshooting Tips and Advice

  • Never install in airbag deployment path
  • Always make a separate ground connection
  • Do not stare directly into LEDs
  • Failure to follow proper instructions could result in damage to property, injury, or death

Please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics if you have any issues mounting, installing, or wiring.