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Lynx L6-6 Linear Interior/Exterior LED Light Bar Wiring and Installation Guide

Our Lynx L6-6 emergency light should only be installed by a certified emergency vehicle technician. The user and installer of this unit accepts any responsibility for the installation, wiring, and mount of this light.

Powering the Lynx L6-6 Interior Light Bar

  • Plug attached cigarette lighter plug into vehicle’s adapter
  • Turn the light on or off via switch on adapter
  • Cycle through flash patterns using flash pattern switch

Tips to Wire the Lynx L6-6

  • Ground light with black wire
  • Connect red wire to positive switch

Lynx L6-6 Mounting Guide

  • Install light bar using included L-brackets
  • Light can be installed on any interior, flat surface
  • Use L-brackets to mount light
  • The L-brackets allow the light to be installed at an angle
  • Add suction cups to the bracket for window mounting
  • An optional flashback guard can bused if needed

Please contact an emergency vehicle technician, if you have any questions about the power, wiring, or mounting of this unit.