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Lynx L6-2 Linear Interior / Exterior LED Light BarLynx L6-2 Linear Interior / Exterior LED Light BarLynx L6-2 Linear Interior / Exterior LED Light BarLynx L6-2 Linear Interior / Exterior LED Light BarLynx L6-2 Linear Interior / Exterior LED Light Bar
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About The Lynx L6-2 Linear Interior / Exterior LED Light Bar

The ‘L6’ of the Lynx Series comes with Linear 1 Optics and has 6 Generation IV 3-Watt LEDs per module. The L6-2 has 2 modules that produce 36 watts of high-intensity brilliant light that spreads due to the design of this type of polycarbonate lens which in many cases is even more transparent than glass. Because the ‘2’ is only 9.5” long, it can be mounted just about anywhere on the interior of your police car, fire truck, or POV, and on the exterior as well because it’s waterproof. Just insert the combination cigarette lighter power plug with ON/OFF and Flash Pattern switches into the power socket, and you’re almost ready to ‘GO.’ ¬†Attaching the light bar to the front, back, or side windows is quick with the included mounting bar and 4 suction cups, or turn the light bar into a visor light by ordering headliner brackets. The ‘L6-2’ is small but kicks out a lot of light; customize ‘the 2’ by choosing from 12 solid or split-color combinations; your ‘little partner’ will help you do your job efficiently and right!


  • (12) Generation IV 3-Watt LEDs
  • 19 Flash Patterns with Pattern Memory
  • Versatile, Multi-Functional Mini Light Bar
  • Waterproof for Exterior Mounting
  • Meets or Exceeds SAE J845 & J595 Standards
  • Meets or Exceeds California Title 13 Requirements


  • 5-Year Warranty on LEDs
  • 2-Year Warranty on Components

Included in Box:

  • Lynx L6-2 Interior Light Bar
  • Combination Cigarette Lighter Power Plug
  • Mounting Bracket
  • 4 Suction Cups
  • 9’ Power Cord

Hardwire the light bar to an existing light or siren system if you don’t plan on using it in another emergency vehicle, but if you need to, it can be relocated in just a matter of minutes because of its easy-to-install features. An aluminum casing protects the LEDs and LIN lens which are under factory warranty. ETD stands behind our products and LEDs which are made to last 100,000 hours. So if ever there is a problem of any sort, just contact the member of our specialized customer service team, listed in the ABOUT US section, who can serve you best.


9.5"L x 2.25"W x 1.75"H
Lynx L6-2 Interior Light Bar Dimensions

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