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Volunteer firefighters account for over 50% of the firefighting population in the US. Most volunteers receive no monetary compensation for their service and have to pay for their own equipment. To help volunteer first responders afford POV lights, we keep our prices low every day. Below, we will go over who can use these lights and the most popular volunteer firefighter lights used on POVs.

Can Volunteer Firefighters Use Lights?

Many times, volunteer firefighters inquire whether they can use specific lights in our online store. Unfortunately, we can’t answer this question. The only way to determine for sure whether a person can or cannot use lights on their POVs is to research emergency light state statutes. Many states allow volunteer firefighters to use emergency vehicle lights and designate certain light colors. Other states do not allow volunteers to use any lighting on their POVs. For this reason, any volunteer firefighter that is adding lights to their POV must research state statutes first. If a firefighter is allowed to use lights on their POVs, they will want to invest in lights that will move traffic and increase their visibility on the way to the station.

Dash Lights Move Traffic

There are probably a couple guys from your station that have a full-size light bar on the roof of their vehicle, and you may think you want one too. After all, a light bar is a great way to move traffic, but it might not be necessary for a POV. Instead of a light bar, many volunteers choose to add a dash light to their POVs. Our Fox Trot dash light can be ordered in split or solid color combinations and mounts directly in the interior of a vehicle. With this light in your POV, you can move traffic and get to the station faster. When compared to a full-size light bar, the Fox Trot is just a fraction of the cost. Dash lights also don’t have to be permanently installed so you don’t always have to look like a first responder every time you drive your car. Imagine going to your cousin’s wedding and dropping your POV off at the valet with a full-size light bar on top. It might get embarrassing. But with a dash light, you could simple pop the light in the trunk until it’s needed again.

Visor Lights Install on the Interior of POVs

Another great alternative to a full-size light bar or a dash light is a visor light. Most visor lights are less expensive than full-size light bars and more expensive than dash lights. Our LED Stealth Commander installs on the interior of a POV near the headliner. With this light, a volunteer firefighter can move traffic easily.

Mini LED Light Bars are Easy to Use

Click to view the 912M Mini Light bar

If you really want an LED light bar on your POV, you should consider a mini light bar. We carry several of these units in our online store. Mini light bars are exactly what they sound like they are – miniature versions of a full-size light bar. With this unit, volunteers can get 360-degree visibility without investing in a bigger unit. Another bonus with mini light bars is they don’t require permanent installation. Many volunteers appreciate the magnet mounts on the bottom of this unit because it allows them to remove the light when it isn’t needed. When the light is needed, a first responder simply puts it back on the roof of a vehicle and they’re ready to go.

Surface Mount Lights Increase Visibility

Surface mount lights are another popular choice for volunteer firefighters. Surface and grille lights are affordable, sold as pairs or in bundles, and can be installed on any flat surface. The most popular surface mount lighting in our online store are the Undercover 8s. The reason many volunteers put this type of lighting on their vehicles is because it puts focused light output where it is needed most. For instance, if a volunteer wants better visibility while crossing intersections, he can add Undercover 8s on the sides of his vehicles. If another volunteer is anxious about rear-end collisions, he can add surface mount lights near the license plate of his vehicle. We even sell license plate brackets to make this type of installation easy to do. With surface and grille lighting, there is a great deal of freedom to install equipment where it is needed most.

Now that you know what the most popular volunteer firefighter lights are, you are ready to buy equipment for your own POV. If you have any questions about the lights mentioned here, please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics today.

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