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Security Vehicle, Construction, and Utility Truck Lights

Extreme Tactical Dynamics doesn’t just sell strobe lights for First Responders and emergency vehicles. We sell warning lights to illuminate any size or sort of unit on or off road used in any kind of job whether it’s roadwork, municipal maintenance projects, or laying network cables.  Working near busy highways or even on country roads can be dangerous if motorists don’t notice workmen. Signs, fluorescent cones, flagmen, and flashing lights alert drivers that they are approaching a major WORK ZONE which gives AR-306089958them ample warning to slow down and pay attention. If, however, you’re in a solitary utility truck or security car, you only have GOOD flashing lights, and maybe a few cones, to warn motorists that you’re doing a job. Our lights serve three important purposes: first, to produce maximum light output on targeted areas, second, to protect security, construction, and utility workers who are doing their jobs, and third, to alert oncoming motorists.

Heavy machinery used in widening highways, building bridges and overpasses, or resurfacing roads must be seen at all times when operating, and workmen must be protected from not only oncoming road traffic, but work-zone chaos, whether they are on the ground or driving a construction vehicle. On any given worksite there could be excavators, bulldozers, loaders, cement mixers, and more...all needing ample flashing lights and reverse alarms not only for passersby, but for the workmen themselves so they always know exactly where a piece of machinery is. ETD has surface mount LED strobe beacons with AMBER warning lights that install on cabs, bumpers, and grilles. We’ve also got interior light bars with flashback shields that attach to windows...front, back, and sides which are quick and easy to mount with suction cups, and we’ve got 100% waterproof full light bars that mount permanently on the exterior. Check out our Bundles/Bulk Packages and get 4 to 10 Surface Mount Lights in bundles for amazing prices; buy a 10- pack and divide it among several pieces of heavy construction equipment keeping you and those around you well-lit and safe at all times.

Another reason why Security and Utility Vehicles need Lights

police-vs-security-vehiclesSecurity vehicles and Utility trucks also need lights so motorists will see them and pay attention. Small, slow-moving cars are used to patrol neighborhoods; private companies often paint their security cars bright colors, so that they stand out, but that’s not enough. They must also have the right lights. Often municipal utility trucks, telephone and cable trucks, too, are stopped in unlikely places where motorists aren’t expecting them to be, so flashing lights on these vehicles will be noticed first when a driver is approaching. In our fast-moving world, where everyone is in a hurry, those driving these types of vehicles have to be well seen, and ETD has just the right lights for that purpose, too.  Our high-intensity, LED strobe lights for construction trucks and utility vehicles are available in AMBER, WHITE, and GREEN (allowed colors) which can warn motorists to slow down. Of course all ETD lights are available in RED and BLUE, but those colors are reserved only for police units, RED and WHITE for fire departments and EMS vehicles. It’s all about having warning lights that are powerful and highly visible over a long distance, so ALL are protected and forewarned.

ETD uses powerful, colored LEDs that are made to last 100,000 hours and have a 5-Year Limited warranty.  Our LEDs are dependable and long lasting and won’t let you down when you’re out doing your job. All our components come with a 2-year limited warranty, so you can always depend on them no matter what type of emergency service vehicle you install them on. If, by any chance, there is a problem with any product you buy from us, then contact our ‘specialized’ Customer Service Department  through out website or your favorite social media site. We are here to serve you...and Remember...Extreme Tactical Dynamics always has the Very Best Lights for the Lowest Possible Prices.


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