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100 Watt Compact Police and Emergency Vehicle Siren Speaker Wiring and Installation Guide

Since the proper installation and mount of this siren speaker depends on its installation, it is necessary for you to follow all instructions below. We recommend our 100-watt siren speaker be installed by an EVT for safety and precautionary reasons.

Hearing Risk

Your hearing and the hearing of others could be affected by loud siren tones. Damage to your hearing can happen with even short exposures to siren tones. Please read OSHA’s Standard 1910.95 regarding permissible noise exposure.

Combining Sirens and Speakers from Different Manufacturers Warning

Our sirens and siren speakers are designed to be used together. Combining a siren and siren speaker from different manufacturers could damage the components or significantly reduce the effective of the devices. It is necessary for your siren and speakers to have compatible wattage ratings. A discrepancy in wattages could cause the units to not work properly.

Metal Shavings Warning

While drilling for your emergency light and device set-up, it is vital that you don’t get any metal shavings in the siren speaker. Metal shavings in the siren speaker could cause the system to fail.

Connect Siren Speaker After all Electrical Connections are Made

For best results, you should not connect the siren speaker until all electrical connections have been made, all lights have been mounted, and you are confident there are no electrical shorts.

Siren Speaker Mounting Tips

  • The sound output created by the 100-watt siren speaker will be greatly reduced if there are any obstructions in front of the speaker. For maximum sound output, you need to ensure there are no obstructions in front of speakers.
  • Choose a location for the siren speaker that is as far forward as possible.
  • Siren speaker should be forward facing.
  • Do not route siren speaker cables in the path of an airbag.

Keep these instructions in a cool, dry place for future reference. If you have issues mounting the 100-watt siren speaker in your emergency vehicle or POV, please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics by phone, email, or social media.

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