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Utility Lights – Amber Lighting for General Use Vehicles

Utility vehicles have a specific task on the road. Not all utility vehicles are the same, but many of them can use amber lighting in the US. These vehicles can be cars, trucks, or vans. These general use vehicles use utility lights to help them complete duties and tasks that keep people safer and healthier. Examples of general use vehicles that could use amber lighting in a community include:

  • Municipal trucks
  • Tow trucks
  • Food trucks
  • Lunch trucks
  • Construction yard trucks
  • Dump/garbage trucks

amber-vehicle-tow-truckUtility lights increase a car or truck’s visibility and provide light for workers to complete tasks. Road crews, garbage trucks, tow trucks, construction vehicles, and even trucks driven by utility company workers often use these lights to help create visibility to complete a task and to provide other drivers with awareness which keeps everyone safer.

What are Utility Lights?

Utility lights are like emergency lights but serve different purposes on the road. In general, utility lighting is amber, and emergency lights are red or blue. First responders using emergency lights may be able to disobey traffic laws, but a driver using amber lights is not allowed to do this. Utility lights are offered with LED, incandescent, and strobe options. Strobe lights are one of the most affordable amber lighting options, click here for more information.

While amber lighting is the most allowed color in the US, it does not mean just anyone can use it. Like emergency vehicles, utility lighting is governed by state statutes. The illegal use of utility lighting by anyone can be punishable by law. When a utility vehicle is allowed to use warning lights, it may also be covered by Move Over Laws. These laws order drivers to yield to first responders. All 50 states have Move Over Laws to protect first responders. But, not all Move Over Laws protects those that use utility lighting.

When drivers want to use utility lighting on a car or truck, they must first consult state statutes. Most states will allow work trucks to use amber lighting, but not all states. Some vehicles may also be able to use other warning light colors, such as green. Since the use of utility lights and the colors allowed vary from one state to state, drivers and installers must know the laws.

Golf Cart Amber Lighting

State statutes govern lights that are used on the road. Yellow/amber warning lights are often used on off-road vehicles such as 4-wheelers, tractors, golf carts, snowplows, and buggies too. When an off road unit is not used on roads and only private property, the use of yellow lights is usually allowed.

Click Here for More on Different Types of Utility Lights

There are many utility lights offered by emergency light retailers. Just about any light you would see on a police cruiser can be ordered in utility truck colors. The most common lights used on the road in the US include:

  • Dash lights
  • Traffic advisors
  • Visor lights
  • Surface mount lights

Cars and Trucks that Use Utility Lights

Utility Vehicles with Amber Lights

Utility vehicles can be anything from municipal work trucks such as garbage trucks and dump trucks, to construction zone tractors. Most often you will see the amber warning lights on tow trucks and security vehicles.

Utility Lights from Extreme Tactical Dynamics

Extreme Tactical Dynamics is a one-stop shop for amber utility lights. Our store has yellow/amber lighting that helps these cars and trucks be seen on the road.

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