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Police lights are incredible products that can transform a car or SUV so that it is ready to handle those emergency vehicle activities. However, they can be a complicated product. Still, this shouldn't stop you from having your full focus on unlocking their full potential for comfort and performance.

Whether you’re in the market for new police lights or just want to know a little more about your existing setup or potential upgrades doesn’t matter. There are many questions that you may wish to ask about various aspects of buying, installing, and caring for your police light facilities.

Here are 10 of the most common questions that we get asked. These answers will hopefully allow you to get the best out of those features.

Who Manufactures The Best Police Lights?

Many different companies manufacture and produce police lights. Here at Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we pride ourselves in serving those who serve us. As such, we go the extra mile to design, manufacture and sell only the very best equipment. Subsequently, we boast the status of being a government approved vendor. That means ours is a name you can trust.

Aside from the elements manufactured in-house, we partner with the very best providers of various components. It’s not our place to say we’re number one. Still, there’s no doubt that our commitment to providing quality goods is the chief reason for our reputation in the industry.

What Type Of Light Bulbs Are In Police Lights?

The term police lights can cover an array of products, all of which are used to alert road users during potentially dangerous situations. As such, the exact type of light bulbs used can vary between different product types. Nonetheless, there is no doubting that there has been a major shift towards the concept of LED light bulbs.

LED light bulbs aren’t only increasingly commonplace for police lights. In fact, they are used in the home, business locations, construction sites, and virtually all scenarios that need extra lighting. This is because they bring many benefits over the outdated incandescent lights, including;

  • Increased intensity of light
  • Longer lasting (up to 100,000 hours with our police lights)
  • Cheaper running costs
  • Greener technology
  • Increased durability

Police lights can utilize a host of different LED light types. Generation III 1-Watt LEDs and Generation IV 3-Watt LEDs are the commonly used solutions in our range of products. The number of bulbs used can vary between different light bars and police facilities too. This can enable products to produce up to 360-degree coverage.

Another option is SMD LED chips. Either way, a long-lasting bright light is guaranteed with those modern facilities.   

What Do Different Police Light Patterns Mean?

Not all police work is the same. As such, some vehicles will naturally have different requirements to others. This is especially true with regards to the possible light patterns. This is one of the reasons that so many different types of police lights are available. Anybody in the hunt for lighting systems for the emergency vehicle must establish this as one of their priorities.

Some of the most common light patterns include:

White spotlight: LED spotlight facilities can aid police work in several ways. They are commonly used to provide brighter driving conditions in darkness. However, they can be a key feature for patrol work and a host of other police assignments.

Flashing lights: The flashing lights are most commonly identified as the red, white, and blue lights associated with police vehicles. This serves the function of alerting drivers to the vehicle. Whether it’s getting the attention of a lawbreaker or preparing citizens for your incoming doesn’t matter. Faster speeds can indicate a greater sense of emergency.

Warning lights: Sometimes, police cars are simply deployed to warn other road users. This can occur in a number of situations, with amber light patterns used as an indicator to take caution. This could be due to upcoming danger on the road.

Rotating lights: Other police lights, especially undercover ones, may use rotating beacons. This gives 360-degree coverage and can be useful in patrols, chases, and various police tasks. These are often one color, usually red or blue.

Traffic redirection: Light patterns may also be used to navigate other road users from the scene of a crime or road accident. Some LED light bars and police light facilities can display arrows to warn road users of a diversion

Advanced police provide over 25 flashing light patterns. They can also memorize various patterns to make life easier.

What Length Are The Police Bars On Their Roof?

Roof LED light bars are one of the most common resources used for police work. Most people have a preconceived idea about those products. In truth, they tend to offer far greater versatility and personalization than you’d imagine.   

Mini LED light bars can be as compact as 9” long while still producing 48W of power. Moreover, they can offer a 360-degree coverage to satisfy all police work and alert road users from all directions. Products categorized by the term mini are available in various other sizes, including 29”.

Full size LED light bars are between 40” and 48” in length. They can provide over 80W of power, offering even greater brightness. These can be attached to trucks and SUVs as well as standard cars. Many of the full size ones offer multiple functions as they include traffic directors, takedown lights and alley lights too. Whatever the assignment might be at any given time, those roof bars are up to the job.

The right choice of physical dimensions, features, and output power can influence everything. This includes conspicuousness and future maintenance. For some users, bigger is better. However, this isn’t always the case so weighing up the pros and cons of all options is essential.   

Why Are Police Lights Red, White & Blue?

Police lights serve many purposes. Generally speaking, though, the function is to alert other road users. They could be criminals or members of the public, but you ultimately want to stand out from the crowd. The human brain naturally reacts to contrast with greater urgency than items that fade into the background. The flashing red, white, and blue lights stand out at any time of day.   

Apart from being bold colors that spark a reaction, they can travel far. This is especially true when using 360-degree LED light bars due to their intense power. So, this is the best way to alert road users in an explicit manner. Not least because we are educated to identify those patterns with emergency services. Meanwhile, the flashing nature can express severity levels.

Scientific studies show that these are the lights we react to. Finally, it’s important to have the sequence reading blue, white, red from the perspective of facing the vehicle’s front.   

What Do I Need For A Basic Police Lights Package?

A basic police lights package can be as simple as a dash light bar or a mini light bar. Alternatively, for the most basic features, you could simply opt for a suction roof light. However, most emergency vehicles on police matters will want to add a few simple additions.

Roof bars are the most frequent option for cars that are used solely for police matters. Internal ones using suction cups are more popular on vehicles that are used for personal matters too. In addition to the basic lighting feature, it may be beneficial to get a siren and a megaphone system. This gives the driver full control in those situations.

If those police activities are varied, opting for a light bar system that includes traffic directors and other features is advised. There’s nothing worse than being caught short on a job.

How Much Does A Police Light Cost?

The price of your police lights will be influenced by a whole host of factors. From the type of product and size to the housing facilities, every element can impact the prices. Either way, the function and durability ensure that those light products will provider fantastic value.

A compact mini light bar can cost under $100 while hideaway lights and grille lights can often fall into that price band too. Full size roof light bars or traffic advisors will cost more, but still won’t break the bank. Even the top range of visors light bars are usually under $400. Some items may even be included in special promotions to further increase the value.

Combining multiple items in a package deal may secure an even greater saving. This is especially true when you include sirens and related features. While a beginner may spend just a few dollars, equipping the vehicle with multiple products and the best features may cost a few hundred. So, it will largely depend on the needs of the individual vehicle owner. If you choose to use our services, you’ll gain free delivery on orders over $88 too.

Where Do I Get Undercover Police Lights?

Police lights fall into several categories. They could be permanent fixtures for full-time emergency vehicles. Or they could be items that need to be mounted and dismounted because the car is used for other tasks. In these cases, some of the police work can be undercover work. This is when you are likely to use dash light bars or hideaway strobes.

Our concealed hideaway lights stay out of sight as they fit into places like the headlights. These can still provide the red and blue flashes as well as the extra spotlight. As with more blatant police lighting facilities, there are a host of options out there. Meanwhile, undercover lighting for police motorbikes can be found too.

How To Install Police Lights?

Buying police lights is one thing, but ensuring that they are ready for all possible police activities is another altogether. The process of mounting to the car is, therefore, a crucial element that can’t be overlooked.   

When buying from an online supplier like us, you may worry about that installation process. That’s one of the reasons that some drivers choose the dash and lights as they can simply be stuck to the window. Likewise, they can be removed in a matter of seconds once you’re off duty.   

In truth, though, most modern LED police lights can be fixed to the car in a fairly conspicuous manner. This can include installation to the grille or other tail lights depending on the nature of item purchased. Most of these jobs can be handled by anyone with a little DIY knowledge, especially when you use our helpful product guides. If all else fails, experts can complete the job in very little time.

Roof bars, especially the full size light bars and visors will be a little more obvious to the public. However, they needn’t stand out like a sore thumb thanks to the discreet but durable aluminium housings. Once turned on, the powerful output is simply incredible. Once again, the installation is pretty simple when you follow the guides.

How To Fix My Police Light?

Police lights are built to be durable and handle the various tasks that could be encountered along the way. However, faults can surface from time to time and finding a quick solution should be top of the agenda. The first step is to identify the issue. In many cases, it could be as simple as the bulbs blowing. While one light won’t necessarily stop the whole bar working, it can. Even if it doesn’t, keeping your device at optimum performance is key.

Most police lights, especially the ones that can be hidden away, tend to be powered from the cigarette lighter. Therefore, faults with power cords or the connector could cause problems. These items can be easily replaced as can suction cups if your dash devices keep falling down.

The majority of our product guides also include troubleshooting tips. As for issues with the housing, most of those are cosmetic. If bumps and dents are harming performance levels, it’s probable that you can reposition things back into place. Alternatively, most professional services will be able to help you with those restorations.

If you still are not sure what light you may want and/or need, perhaps our police lights buying guide will help with the final step!

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